Dear Connie,
I believe that you mis-read my posts.
I merely pointed out what the SCV (and the UDC and the MoC and every other Southern heritage organization) should be doing; I did not critize what they are doing since I am only privy to some of the complaints by virtue of hearsay rather than my own direct knowledge.
I also tried to point out what a “tax exempt organization” may legitimately do since many folks are (quite understandably) confused about what is and what is not permitted by the IRS. However, I can tell you from personal experience in other areas that often folks who wish to avoid controversy will bring out the “boogeyman” of the IRS to silence those who demand that the group involved “speak out” on issue of interest. This is not, I assure you, limited to matters of Southern heritage.
I am an associate member of several SCV chapters including the “Big Flag” folks in Tampa (Jubal Early camp) and I, like yourself, am a member of the Confederate Rose Society. I have not criticized anyone save only the administration of the Museum of the Confederacy and I have certain provided in a very detailed report why they worthy of that criticism (this report will be provided to you if desired).
I have also pointed out that the media will certainly find the “dissenting voices” even if that is one person in a hundred and that those who do not support the principles of the SCV, the UDC and other Southern heritage organizations should resign rather than trying to remake these groups in their own image. That is the only honest thing to do.
I hope this better explains my “input” into this particular contretemps.