From: Craig Maus –
Date: Mon, May 24, 2010

They have silenced my cannon and have stolen my station and identity,
They have mis-represented me and all that I ever was,
They have rewritten the language of virtue and decency and replaced it with a defiled and obliterated version disguised in social expediency resulting in economic & legal debauchery that now enslaves me,
They have impregnated a Nation with immoral values while subjugating those it once adhered to, scripted under God,that were second to none, and describing them as in violation of another’s civil rights as ‘judged’ by them and their legal interpreters,
They have replaced life with a shroud of death and have advanced themselves at the expense and moral well-being of us all,
They have plagiarized our History while prostituting the Nation they swore to serve and protect,
Those who were to be our Representatives serve not, but rather Rule by way of decree as instructed by their Masters of those Special Interests who they truly serve,
They call us names and rudely defy Us… for the ingenuous laws they have written over time now serve  much the same as chains about us that give them license to tie us to THEIR mantle of deceit,
They steal our money and send us off to fight their Wars… and only then do they call us by proper name using patriotism as the barter that pays and perpetuates for their imperial standard,
How could this come to pass when once it was all so simple and so clear,
How could we have allowed such basic rules that provided us all with shelter and safety to ever become compromised,
How did we allow our privacy and personal freedoms to become wards of the state in the name of social expediency,
And by whose rules do we allow these animated Creighton’s decide our fate and those of our families,
Who are these people and how could we have become so blind and ignorant ?

They are your jailor now and they have lied, stolen and rewritten their position all in YOUR name while re-making themselves in their image and at YOUR expense,
They now teach your children ONLY that which they want taught and have taken from them their identity, culture and personal heritage and have morphed them into Globalists while systematically stripping them of their National Sovereignty,
All that was good has been compromised and demonized by them and they sit and break bread with the Beast for that is who they truly serve,
Long ago, they altered the Banking System and took Liberty with the Public Treasury thus insuring their perpetuity,
It has been an on-going process over many, many years in which this Nations Foundation was eroded,
Current events are but an extension of those that were introduced long ago upon which they extend their Omni-presence and intrusion into each of our lives today,
If Only many of YOU would have listened to us and Educated Yourselves as we suggested,
The American Civil War was the turning point,
At its end, the WRONG side won and the Night of the Federal Beast was officially born!
We can preach until we are blue in the face but only YOU can connect the dots if YOU are so inclined,
YOU need to read and understand what was created after April, 1865,
This was NOT a North/South issue as they have made it out to be,
This was ALL about political ideology and the opposing reasons that were ON-GOING that culminated with the first State’s secession in 1860,
This country was at a Political Divide even back then and what the Federal mindset wanted then was NO different than today but only in an earlier stage of infancy…it was NOT what we, as State Citizens and Sovereign State Republics, had agreed to after the Revolution,
YOU must also understand YOUR heritage and the reasons why so many of us came here from Europe and why,
We wanted out of Europe and a new start here… to avoid All that from which is occurring today,
The Founding Fathers were Brilliant Men,
they had researched EVERY aspect of the World Civilizations that ever existed and created a Document so well conceived and created to insulate its People from ever undergoing what others did to their People before hand… and all this was DONE for YOU and me,
Today’s Federal Government is NOT what we were to have ever become, nor was it ever allowed to do what it is doing today!
Obama and Company are but a product of the mechanism the Federals have created over time,
call them whatever you like, Socialists, Closet Communists, etc,
They are ALL this and more BUT they are the by-product of THEIR Federal Machine,
Their system was challenged long ago,
It MUST be challenged again,
WE MUST separate if we are to survive,
There is NO getting around this any more,
Washington is awash in a Sea of Corruption and sleeps with a variety of Special Interests who controls their strings,
They have conspired to steal from YOU all that is mentioned above,
There is ONLY ONE legal recourse remaining to any of us that cannot be denied BECAUSE their entire legal basis rests upon a false creation….
and that is the legitimacy of The Confederate States of America’s existence!
YOU must read and learn that the Federal had NO right to do what they did- NONE!
The legitimacy of the Confederacy has NEVER been contested because we Confederates find ourselves much like the Jew of old in the Babylonian court and for the same reason… Might does NOT make RIGHT!
There in those horrific ashes of Washington’s War upon us lays Our Salvation, Hopes & Dreams,
The Road Home folks is that same road we ALL were ONCE on,
The current Federal Road is destined for destruction,
They will NOT protect YOU or I or OUR families and the Sovereignty to which we were entitled because it is NOT in THEIR interests to do so,
What part of this picture remains that anyone cannot see or realize I wonder,
This Confederate has written extensively over these 17 years while involved with
The Confederate Movement as I have always called it regarding the Social, Political & Economic policies of the Federal Government and what was coming,
I detailed in accuracy the end result and for this, I and those who were associated with me were called Radicals & Extremists among a variety of names,
We were the product of those patriots who preceded us- our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and kin who shared a common sense of knowing and understanding as it related to the basic rules of law upon which this country was founded….
and, who like many today are finding out, sadly,  by those in power, who are now being called by similar sounding names likes Nazi’s, Right-Winger’s, etc., and for No other reason than, simply,
asking for explanation,
As before, we Confederates simply saw things coming before others and then, as now, we simply wanted NO part of it and said- "We’re outa here. Y’all go your way and we will go ours."
‘When the South Lost, this Entire Nation Lost, but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time’
Know what is being said & determine for yourself who is telling the truth before you take a position. The ‘life’ you save may very well be your own.
ALL Roads Lead to 1865,
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
PS- Time to close Ranks One & All- Will YOU Join us Now?
Deo Vindice!