I note the continuous campaign against the SCV and virtually everything Southern or Southern history oriented. The reason is that the NAACP is powerless to correct the real problems in the black community which include violent crime, fatherless children, single mothers, early childbearing by teenagers, drugs, gangs.

I remember my mother’s remarks a few years ago that "You never make yourself better by blaming others for their faults." Essentially that is what the NAACP is doing – blame any organization that supports pride in its heritage that might encumber the NAACP’s political efforts. A Confederate flag never kept a little black child from getting an education, had her house shot up by a black gang, or had her mother robbed at gunpoint for her paycheck. There is only so much governments can do to uplift its citizens; the real truth is that individuals are responsible for their own lives.

Alton Lanier
Arlington, Tennessee