"The real history of the War Between the States"

From: klynch@valleyhealthlink.com

I am writing in response to the article by Mr. Ronald Mitchiner, published September 19th "The real history of the War Between the States".

I agree with Mr. Mitchiner of a couple of points. Civil War is not the correct term when describing American History, specifically between the years 1861-1865. It was The War Between the States, as it was between two sovereign countries, the United States of America and the Confederate States of America. Mr. Mitchiner is also correct in terming the Confederate States of America as a group of former states that ceded from the union to start their own country. This is where my concurrence ends.

Now let’s get the facts straight. The CSA never made an attempt to overthrow the US. Simply, the CSA wished to be a self-sufficient country by means of its own constitution and laws. Unfortunately that was not to be prolonged. Her northern neighbors entered the South by force, leaving in its wake a path of destruction, the likes of which can scarcely be imagined today. For four long years, Grant’s armies succeeded in plummeting a majority of southern people to nonentity. Virginia’s sweeping valleys were torched, homes burned. Men, women and even children murdered by men in blue.

One can also call it The War of Northern Aggression, also a true depiction of that time period.

Furthermore, the comments about the Ku Klux Klan and General Nathan Bedford Forrest are, and I will use one of Mr. Mitchiner’s perceptibly favorite words, "ignorant". First of all, the KKK was started by a group of confederate veterans as a Fraternal Organization that played college styled pranks. When General Forrest was elected to lead this organization, one of his main goals was to promote racial harmony and reconstruction. Forrest resigned his position when it became apparent the organization was going in a different direction. Frankly, I believe the conduct in which the north "helped" the south rebuild directly caused the KKK to become so hate oriented. I wonder if the word "Carpetbagger" rings a bell with Mr. Mitchiner. And by the way, The KKK’s adopted flag of choice is actually the red, white, and blue, United States flag. The same flag that flew on NORTHERN slave ships.

It seems that Mr. Mitchiner is just another Yankee living in the south trying to discredit our heritage and sling mud on the graves of our beloved ancestors. This made apparent by his three-sentenced anomaly comparison of the Nazi and Confederate Battle flags. I urge Mr. Mitchiner to heed a little of his own advice, and study history before commenting on something he obviously knows little about.

Kimberly Lynch
Winchester, Virginia

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