The rally, continued!
Our chairman in the South Carolina Conservative Action Council, Dr. William Carter, has just brought it to my attention that there were two major TV news reports on the SCCAC’s 8/29 flag rally. Here’s the one from Fox and it is incredibly good compared to the rest of the coverage we’ve gotten through the years.
<<<ACC Decision Causes Confederate Flag Flap
A group of Confederate flag supporters gathered in Greenville over the weekend after the ACC decided to move a baseball tournament.>>>
This report is actually a breakthrough. For once the "mainstream" press didn’t make it look like there are two equal sides to the issue, or even give the black supremacists equal time. What is the world coming to? It may signal that Fox is actually going slightly more real-world. Consider that Glenn Beck has lately burst out of his neocon cage and started exposing the "new" world order outright. Some stuff on that phenomenon here — can’t find where I logged his main anti-NWO series just now:
I’m planning to write Fox about it. Everybody else, feel free to in a "gray suit" vein — respectful, professional, moderate. Don’t tell them you’re ecstatic or it may backfire.
Incidentally I’m the guy playing guitar and speechifying.
For those that didn’t see it before, here’s the more yellowish coverage of the rally by NBC affiliate WYFF.
Confederate Group Holds Rally In Greenville
Mind you, WYFF is the outfit that reported attendance at Dr. Carter’s rally against Lindsey Graham as "a few dozen" when somebody took a photo of the crowd from up in an adjoining parking garage and counted over 1,000 heads! Dr. Carter called a picket of WYFF as a result and it was a great one with Southern patriots lined up across the long front of its studio property and beyond.
Please note once again that calling a flag controversy a "flap" is just another way liberals have of spitting on us. They have never called a "civil riots" ruckus a "flap" or any other slang term. Its slang definitions:
a. a state of nervous excitement, commotion, or disorganization.
b. an emergency situation.
c. scandal; trouble.
If (b) is valid, it’s something I’ve never been aware of, and I can promise you that’s not how they mean it. In fact, I don’t think much of those definitions even though they’re from the generally good Besides, it’s still a deliberate slight we can’t accept it.
Liberals choose their words with extreme care, even seeming throwaways. We need to — and to shoot theirs down at every turn.