The Pathetic Environment In Which We Now Live
Chuck and all,
A few short hours ago a most cherished friend of my family Brock Townsend sent us the following link. 

Don’t Honor The Arlington Confederate Monument.
I happened to have just sat down to check the inbox when Brock’s mail popped in. Much to the contrary of my momma’s raising, I replied   my thoughts in regards to the post, in what I can only describe as in very un-gentleman like language.  I am no choir boy by anyone’s stretch of the imagination, but, I do try hard not to let the "oilfied Indian" side of me out most of the time.
Tonight there was little to no hope of reeling me in.  In fact, I was still raging a few short minutes ago while on the phone  to  friend in Seattle Washington.
The link is obviously above, check out the insanity for yourself, but the skinny of the situation is, some idiot wrote a letter to our new Prez asking that he not honour the Confederate fallen at the memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.
I can not for the life of me, believe that anyone who considers themselves to be an American, could, with any sense of conscience or even the morals of a prostitute ever suggest that the President of the United States of America, not honour a memorial to American Veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice in a war from which this nation has never fully recovered, nor in my meaningless opinion will it ever fully recover as long as bigoted attitudes such as those proposed prevail.
God help us all, for we are in the fastlane to hell, and I really am beginning to wonder how many care.  May those of us who do care, find the strength and courage to somehow persevere.