Forty-eighter Mindset: “…cause a bloodbath to destroy the party of barbarism.”

March 3, 2012
By Al Benson Jr.

The Forty-eighter socialist and communist revolutionaries from Europe that came to this country to join the forces in the North that hoped to have a hand in destroying Christianity in the South in the 1850s were, much like our “news” media, utterly devoted to the agenda they had laid out, or that had been laid out for them. Their thinking was anti-religious, anti-Christian, and they never departed one iota from that worldview.

Therefore, anything that would help to tear down Christian civilization was acceptable. These folks were going to replace God with the sovereign state, ruled by “the will of the people.” Trouble was they never really defined who “the people” were that would run their new state. History has shown us that “the people” were really themselves and their friends—seeking power and the prerequisites of god-ship, that all men might worship the state (beast).

Those few that deal with the Forty-eighters almost never deal with them in that light. They are portrayed as the purveyors of “freedom and democracy” by those that hope most of us don’t bother to do the homework to find out what their real agenda is.

Let’s take, for example, Forty-eighter Karl Heinzen. The people who have written about him do it in mostly gentle terms. He has been described as a “journalist” and one man even went so far as to describe him as a “radical activist.” That’s okay, as far as it goes, but it doesn’t begin to plumb the depths of the real Karl Heinzen. Herr Heinzen, before he came to America to aid Mr. Lincoln in the “preservation” of the Union by the power of the bayonet was a follower of the European anarchist, Gracchus Babeuf. In Lincoln’s Marxists, on page 189 it is noted that: Babeuf wrote an article in which he advocated the use of murder to promote what he called ‘democracy.’ Not to be outdone (Karl) Heinzen declared, ‘If you have to blow up half a continent and cause a bloodbath to destroy the party of barbarism, you should have no scruples of conscience. Anyone who would not joyously sacrifice his life for the satisfaction of exterminating a million barbarians is not a true republican.”

Think a minute about that statement. That statement is the heart and soul of the Forty-either theology or worldview. It tells you where they were really at, in spite of all those who try to tell you they were all about “freedom and democracy.” Well, maybe they were, but it depends on how you define freedom and democracy. and they didn’t define them like we do.

With all the research I have done regarding the Forty-eighters, I have come to the conclusion that they were, in the main, not very nice people. Their theology permitted no competing views and you have to admit, if you take Heinzen seriously, you find that his solution to competing views and theologies was to create a bloodbath in which all the competition (Christianity) was annihilated in the name of “exterminating barbarians.”

These were the type of people Mr. Lincoln was glad to have in his armies as they wielded the “terrible swift sword” in the Confederate States. Don’t be naïve enough to think that Lincoln didn’t know where these people were coming from. He knew—because in their anti-Christian worldview, he saw a reflection of his own worldview.

People need to begin to try to get a real grasp of what the War Between the States was all about—not slavery, but class struggle—and the friends of Marx and Lincoln won that War “for the people” but not for the people we were taught to think had benefited from it. History, if we can discern it, has shown us that the real winners were the disciples of centralization and the price everyone else paid was their God-given liberty.

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