The Other Side



Just a question for you and your readers: does anything pro-South and/or pro-Confederate appear in the newspapers and magazines that run these endless anti-Southern columns? I know that on the “net”, our position appears, but it never seems to be given any exposure in the professional media. So, what does that mean, do you suppose? Only one opinion is welcome on the “op-ed” pages of newspapers? No one expressing our point of view except for a few expressed in the Letters page or the “comment” section of on-line newspapers is welcome? Isn’t that more than a bit odd? Doesn’t the concept of freedom of speech indicate that all sides must be given the opportunity to be heard? For if not, what sort of “freedom” is that?

No wonder so many people are so ignorant when all that they get is the “party line” in schools and in the media. Ronald Reagan once said that the problem with liberals is that they “know so much that isn’t so”. In the same way, in this “debate” about the Confederacy, its symbols and Southern heritage, only one side is being heard. How can anyone know anything if all that that is taught is a position made up of omissions, half-truths and outright lies?

It would seem to me that even the most naïve and gullible has got to notice that only one side of this debate is given an “official platform” to expound its viewpoint while the other side is limited to the occasional “letter to the editor” or comment on a website. That can hardly be considered intellectually or morally honest. Furthermore, it should lead any objective, intelligent person to ask, “what have they got to hide?”

Val Protopapas