The North’s Hateful Triumph
The British sided with the American South for not only pecuniary reasons, they clearly saw the South exercising the same drive for self-determination against Lincoln as Washington’s rebels had exercised against George III.  They also feared for their remaining Canadian possession in North America, and this fear drove the Canadians toward confederation as a protection against the now-powerful armies of the radical North.
Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute  
The North’s Hateful Triumph:
“The South is doomed. With the surrender of General Lee ends not indeed the possibility of military defense, still less that of desperate popular resistance, but the hope of final success. After four years of war, sustained with a gallantry and resolution that have few, if any, precedents in history; after such sacrifices as perhaps no nation ever made in vain; after losses that have drained the lifeblood of the country; after a series of brilliant victories, gained under unequaled disadvantages, courage and skill and devotion have succumbed to brute force; and by sheer power of numbers a race, inferior in every quality of soldiership and manhood, has prevailed over the bravest and most united people that ever drew a sword in defense of civil rights and national independence.
To numbers, and to numbers alone, the North owes its hateful triumph. Its advantages in wealth and resources, in the possession of the sea and the command of the rivers, were neutralized by Southern gallantry. In spite of the most numerous navy in the world, half a dozen Confederate cruisers drove its commerce from the seas. In defiance of all its power, Southern energy contrived to supply the armies of the Confederacy with everything of which they stood in need.
When the war broke out, the North had every kind of military stores in abundance…the South had scarcely a cannon, had but few rifles, still fewer swords and bayonets, and not a single foundry or powder factory. All these deficiencies were supplied by the foresight of the Confederate government and daring of the Confederate armies. The routed forces of the North supplied artillery and ammunition, rifles and bayonets to the Southerners. The cannon that thundered against Gettysburg, the shot which crushed the brave mercenaries of Burnside on the slopes above Fredericksburg came for the most part from Northern arsenals.
No Southern failure is attributed to the want of arms and powder; no Federal success was won by the enormous advantages which the North enjoyed in its military stores and its open ports. Had these been the only odds in its favor, long ago would the Federal government have taken refuge at Boston or New York and every inch of Southern soil have been free from the step of the invader. Numbers, and numbers alone, have decided the struggle.”
When we compare the respective numbers belonging to free and despotic States, when we count up the overwhelming numerical superiority of despotisms, legitimate and democratic, over all the constitutional countries combined, we can but feel that the fall of the Confederacy is a presage of evil for the cause of liberty and the future of mankind.”
(English Sentiment for the South, Methodist Review, 1867, Confederate Veteran Magazine, February 1921, page 47)