T – The Man and The Music
First of all, the man: I’ve known Terry Warren for the better part of 30 years. He is one of the most interesting people that I have ever met.  Terry must have an addictive personality because whatever he gets "into," he gets into it with all of his heart.
He has been a great carpenter.  Homes he built decades ago still stand strong.
He has been an activist against desecration of Indian Burial Grounds.  He led marches, did TV programs, and graced the pages of National Geographic during this time.  It was during one of his TV appearances that he met his wife, Pam, for whom Battle Flag Heart is penned.
He has been a restaurant owner.  I loved his restaurant.  I put on 20 pounds there. And, the hours spent drinking his great coffee.
He has been a flat track motorcycle star.  He ran the circuit for years and loved every minute of it.  Again, totally devoted to the cause.
But, through all of the changes in Terry’s life, one thing has been a constant – He has always written and played music.  His new CD, Fight On My Hands is an instant classic.  If you are one of those people who like your music Homogenated, Pasteurized, Synthesize and produced to death, then this CD is not for you.  All you "Kansas" fans would never get this CD.  But if you like honesty, truth and Transparency in your music, then Fight On My Hands will knock you out.
Terry’s vocals are the foundation of this CD.  Terry’s voice lets you know that this is no shallow, techno-punk who is still wet behind the ears.  The voice emits experience, years, hard times, good times, victories, bitter defeats and the overwhelming understanding that life, though it has tried, it has not defeated this man.  All of that is ever present in the Terry’s vocals.
The guitars are solid, well produced.  The mandolin is haunting.  It is not over done. It’s there and it’s powerful.  You get the sense that the mandolin is crying with Terry.
I really, really like every song on this CD.  But I absolutely love the song "Alone".  If the right people hear that song, this CD project will go platinum or double platinum.
That song should be the theme to a movie or a number one smash hit.  It’s absolutely awesome.  Songs that have worn the label "Genius" pale in comparison to Alone. It’s absolutely brilliant.  "Frustration, Temptation, Contemplation: All Roads Lead To Alone."
Fight On My Hands may not be name brand but it will satisfy better than the pasteurized crap most of us drink in on a daily basis.
Brian Brookheart
Evangelist, Contemporary Christian Musician, singer/songwriter

Terry Warren: The Man, The Music