Dear SHNV Friends
The short essays you read have not arisen out of a vacuum. They come after thousands of hours and thousands of dollars donated and my personal monies over the last 15 years to provide the largest collection online of Southern essays, and my written or edited 35 books on the topics.
I now have 300,000 miles on one car and 200,000 miles on another car trying to share this knowledge with people who know enough to understand the facts. Some are northerners and many are Southerners. My car with only 200,000 miles was a donation. Anyone with a car to spare with fewer miles I would be glad to talk with.
The Southern States have many academic friends who know, understand and support, strongly support our traditional Southern views with, in some cases, a deeper understanding than we have had because of the constant “Reconstruction”, the endless flow of propaganda and mind-numbing and soul-destroying entertainment and media industries.
A few of the essays and books contain highly classified U.S. materials that have been leaked to the NY TIMES and published there, or released and declassified by British Intelligence, and materials released under The Freedom of Information Act to The Center of Defense Information.
President George H. Bush refused to obey the FOIA laws while he was president as did his son. We tried to sue them, but were unsuccessful since you cannot sue or prosecute a government official without government permission, and the government does not give its permission. This slowed our ability to revise history to comply with actual documented facts. Some material is from private sources, but most of it is by hard research and putting together the pieces. This work is becoming easier after having read tens of thousands of pages of history materials. I avoid many current political issues to focus on the underlying known history backgrounds.
While facts are important, the understanding of those facts and the structure of events are more important. This what I try to communicate in these short perspectives.
God was fully vindicated in the life of His Son. We must live to vindicate His Kingdom.
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
Phone: (336) 420-5355