The Lincoln Legacy
You are invited to log onboard the below three web pages, in particular I recommend number 3., which is a documentary on Abraham Lincoln, titled The Lincoln Legacy.  There are some things, which are self evident,to those willing to do at the very least a minimum search for the truths of history.  Among these truth is that Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant and a despot!
The Criminal General is a documentary done some time ago, and is being added to the menu under the Union War Crimes, others may be posted from me to time.  The Criminal General is presently posted on the C.S.A. News website but will eventually be transferred to the Confederate Legion website.  In the meantime it is hyper linked on the Union War Crimes menu!
I am not a historian, but nonetheless you will find The Lincoln Legacy very interesting, log onboard today; this article is posted in a format, whereby it can be downloaded, reposted and or printed and distributed.  Pass this around, particularly to our occupation forces!
1. Union War Crimes
2. The Criminal General
3. The Lincoln Legacy
God save the Confederacy
Thomas E. Guinn