The Lee/King Holiday problem
It has been suggested that General Lee’s birthday celebration be removed from public acclaim for some reason having to do with Dr. King whose celebration falls on the same day. But I cannot imagine why that should be so. After all, General Lee was a man of infinite integrity, astounding intelligence, pure morals and a willingness to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others. Duty was his creed second only to his fervid Christian beliefs. Given these facts, one would think that Dr. King, a man who, we are told, represents these very same character traits and who, it is said, wanted a “color blind” society in which people were judged by character rather than by race, would find General Lee an ideal fellow honoree on the day in which his memory is celebrated!
Of course, Dr. King is not the person asking that General Lee be relegated to oblivion, however, the fact that those who claim to honor Kings memory feel the need to move that memory far away from that of General Lee, tends to make one wonder if it is because Dr. King suffers in comparison!
Given that the facts about both men are common knowledge, I suggest that Dr. King’s “memory” is far better served by linking it to General Lee’s than letting it stand on its own.
Valerie Protopapas
Long Island, New York