From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Mon, Apr 11, 2011
Subject: Re: The good the bad and the in between / Speech on Tuesday night at Furman University / An open letter


On 4/10/2011, HK Edgerton wrote:

Dear Bazz,

I’m not going to plagiarize you this time, but I have contemplated your words in the commentary you made in The good the bad and the in between; and have seriously considered using it in it’s entirety as the cornerstone of my speech to the students and public at Furman University on this Tuesday evening April 12, 2011. It is the most accurate synopsis of all that I have come to study, learn and believe on this journey for the vindication of my Southern family , and ironically the whole of this nation if it is to survive.

I am filled with great ironies as I have spent the last few days in Marion, Alabama  studying the history of the Puritans and the part they played in starting Lincoln’s criminal war against our people. It is amazing how 2 + 2 = 4. Southern social and cultural genocide was then and now a chief component of the war mongers of the North who set forth all mechanisms to defeat and destroy our way of life and paramount in that destruction was the Church and it’s Christian doctrine , and not far behind; the State. And I know unequivocally that the Africans of the South and their descendants who came to call the South their home ,would not and did not, then or now believe in or adhere to the teachings of the Puritans, but far too many have been deceived by them here in the 21st century by the same Reconstruction tactics used to divide and separate Southern Black folks from their Southern White family , and thus from the very principles of the Constitutional Republic set forth by the Founders of this nation that if we as the sons of former slaves should have been able to look to , instead of the subjugation that the whole of the nation finds itself in because of the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865 was not just a surrender of the Southern people, but the surrender of the Constitutional Republic. May God have mercy upon us all. Please give me a call.

Your brother,



On Sun, Apr 10, 2011, Bazz Childress <> wrote:

Blessings…glad it’s useful….by the way that’s an extended section of my upcoming Bell County speech