The following gives me pause…
"Friday-Saturday, March 23-24
The annual state conventions of the South Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans and South Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose will be held at the Ocean Drive Resort in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Visit for registration information."
So, Myrtle Beach supports the naacp flag ban and race baiting tactics and cancels a previously approved sporting event, and the SCV is going to spend their dollars in the same town?
Recently, in Lexington Va Confederate Flags were banned from city light poles, and the Va Div SCV were encouraged to spend dollars in that town.
A few years ago, Confederate artifacts and artwork was covered with bed sheets to appease DC black judges at a hotel in Williamsburg. The Va Div SCV held a major function at the same hotel just a few months later.
Can someone please tell me on this forum exactly why we are to spend our money in the very place we are spat on? I mean there has to be a logical reason that I am not understanding.
I reckon there are some nice gifts to be bought in the VMFA gift shop, or a nice item to be purchased in the shop at the new Museum of Confederacy – Appomattox branch that refuses to fly our flags but will fly a huge US Flag out front. I reckon some SCVers will spend money at those places to…
"We have met the enemy, and he is us"