The Fire Eater
The Fire Eater ( will celebrate its seventh birthday in January. Seven years is a long time on the Internet, and we’re proud and excited. From the very beginning, the Fire Eater has tried to set itself apart by not only honouring Southern heritage, but creating new Southern culture at the same time.
I invite you to take a gander at The Fire Eater. We often publish articles that other Southern sites will not publish. (Good thing we’re Fire Eaters; we’re used to taking heat.) As an example, you might want to look at the groundbreaking work penned by Al Benson, Jr. on the connection between Marxism-Socialism and the evangelical movement.  Part II just came out today, and we’re certainly looking forward to Part III.
In addition, you’ll find a reprint of the 2005 article by MacDonald King Aston: "The Final Person: Mysticism, Christianity, and the Southern Movement" (originally on SouthernRights website). The article connects to the other articles "The Guerilla Jesus" and "Jesus the Rebel." (We seem to be on a theological theme of late!)
And if you missed the Majorettes from Ole Miss in 1962, you’ll enjoy that picture (thanks to Bobby Mitchell, SCV).
We’ll keep you updated on the Fire Eater’s birthday. We invite your criticisms, comments, and submissions as well!
God bless the South,
MacDonald King Aston
Literary Advisor, The Fire Eater