Re: It took blood and bullets to defeat the evil of this flag
While it isn’t likely that the Cumberland Times will allow "equal time" in this matter by printing a letter to the editor, there is a page which lists the email addresses of the editorial staff.
Dear “Editor:
Let me ask you a question about this letter to the editor…
Aren’t you embarrassed to have printed such a letter? I’m not talking about Mr. Kelly’s negative view of the Confederate flag, nor am I criticizing you for not providing an "equal time" rebuttal – I’m talking about the lack of any sound logic in Mr. Kelly’s letter.
His melodramatic comparison between nazism and the confederacy eludes me. Maybe Mr. Kelly forgot to take his medication the day he wrote this letter? Maybe he was unable to better explain himself due to the length limitations imposed by a "letter to the editor?" Or maybe it was simply a result of his intellectual limitations? But he fails to provide the readers with any example of how this analogy holds any water whatsoever. His final statement, a threat to go out and get a gun, not only advertises the fact that he’s a bit unstable, but that he gets his history from the boob tube. He quotes "The Sopranos?" Words fail me, they simply fail me!
Not only is this an advertisement of Mr. Kelly’s ignorance, but it is an advertisement for your own ignorance as well. Do you not have an editorial review board at your newspaper? Were they perhaps out sick with the flu when Mr. Kelly’s letter made it to press? And, if your intent was to malign the Confederate flag, (remember – the men who fought under that flag were deemed to be American Veterans by an act of Congress in 1958), is this the best argument you can come up with?
Kelly’s letter speaks volumes – about his own intellect, about your intellect, and about the intellect of your readers. I hope this letter finds you before your newspaper goes out of business. Any more letters to the editor like Kelly’s and you’re going to alienate any of your readers who have a 3rd grade or better reading level.
Bill Vallante
Commack NY