From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: March 18, 2010
Subject: The Eve of Destruction- Pt. 10 – The FINAL Chapter.

……. WE TOLD YOU SO ! …….
Five generations after the War For Southern Independence concluded, the American public, in their infinite naivety, decided to blindly elect a man whose past was, in the very least, highly questionable, suspicious and whose personal ideology was as ‘Transparent’ as the ‘Transformation’ he was promising.  Yet, in their desperation for ‘Hope & Change’, and despite the questions NONE dared to asked, they decided to throw common sense and basic values to the wind !
The result of their reckless thinking has now resulted in Obama’s Federal Blitzkrieg against the very People of this country.
His Federal Nationalized Health Care ‘Bill’ is but the first step wherein Obama and his radical lieutenants in Congress will INTRUDE into YOUR personal lives.  This has NOTHING to do with Health Care but has everything to do with advancing his Radical Ideology via a Federal mechanism that will bring this country and its People to its knees.
YOU, John Q. Public will lose your individual identity to a band of bureaucrats who will control & determine your fate much in the same manner as they have incessantly regressed this Republic under the guise of ‘Social Needs & Entitlements.’  In the end, YOU will lose- BIG TIME, while they, the Federal, will become bigger, more intrusive & more powerful as more & more of your individual rights and liberties will be dismantled & taken from YOU & all in the name of ‘political expediency.’  It is a shell game they have been running ever since 1865!
If this ‘legislation’ was as good as they say it is, then why all the back door deals to get it passed?  What about all YOUR tax money that is paying off Senators & Congressmen to BUY & BRIBE them for their vote?  What about a 2,700 page bill that the majority of them haven’t even bothered to read?  What about all the dirty little tricks House Majority Leader nancy pelosi is pulling out like ‘Reconciliation & ‘Deeming’  in order to get it passed without a Head Count in the House? I ‘thought’ the Constitution strictly forbade such skullduggery!  What about Obama flying around the country in Air Force I with members of Congress & cutting deals to get their pathetic vote? Sure ‘they’ work for YOU !
What about the cost for this that they DON’T want to discuss that will add to an already hopeless Federal Deficit?
What about the deals they have cut with the Unions excluding them from paying the ‘excise portion’ within this ‘bill’, otherwise known as the Cadillac Provision that you and I will have to pay?  What about the fact that the tax we will pay for this ‘Health Care’ plan goes into immediate effect but ‘coverage’ does NOT kick in until 2014? Hum, more time for more changes & additions between now & then I suppose. How many more deals/adjustments will they introduce between now and then?
What about the 1/2 a TRILLION DOLLARS they will take from Medicare to fund the initial portion of this Bill?  What about the doctor’s fee/portion that was NOT included in this Health Care Bill in order to make their ‘funny math’ sound reasonable? Where will that additional money come from I wonder?  What about Social Security and the current Medicare dilemmas requiring additional funding to keep them afloat at present….where will that money come from as well?  What about the further drain on these already bankrupt Federal Programs when the ‘Baby Boomer’s’ are added to them?  What about the Postal System? Maybe $$$$ 2 dollars a stamp or $$$$ 12 bucks for a gallon of gas…..if you still own a car !  What about Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac?  What about the CURRENT Federal Deficit that Obama just increased by 1 3/4 TRILLION DOLLARS and, What about the current Federal Deficit that stands at 13 TRILLION DOLLARS $$$$$$$$ ?
Oh yeah, sure, employers will really begin to hire under these conditions !  And what about un-employment, currently at 10 %? Fat chance of finding a job with a reasonable wage…..y’all still don’t believe- what about all those folks who are now under-employed- you know, those who have been forced to take lower paying jobs just to pay the rent & keep a roof over their heads….while many others are working TWO or MORE jobs because they DARE to want to EAT & feed their families !
Factor these numbers into the equation plus those that have simply given up looking for a job and the real unemployment number is about 19 %.  There are county’s in America where the unemployment rate is as high as 27%.
Realistic estimates for this Health Care bill suggest the Real Costs will be 6 TRILLION DOLLARS $$$$$$$ on top of ALL CURRENT DEFICITS.
The estimated INTEREST for a FEDERAL National DEFICIT of 18 TRILLION DOLLARS $$$$$$$$is 800 BILLION DOLLARS annually $$$$$$.  YUP, y’all read it right- 800 BILLION DOLLARS a year in INTEREST alone to pay for another of THEIR Social Entitlement Programs that is GOING TO BE BETTER FOR YOU !
Sort of like choosing between a cigarette or a blindfold before the firing squad has its last word!
How much do YOU think YOU will be paying in TAXES to cover this debacle?  Obama says YOUR taxes will go down. Yeah right. Believe that and I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you- real cheap.  Where I come from 2 + 2 ALWAYS equals four- these zealots would have y’all believe its 44…..and look at all that extra money !
Do YOU still believe nancy pelosi, harry reid, barney frank, chucky schumer and all the other scum who continue to defy YOU have YOUR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND?  They can’t stand to even have to explain themselves to YOU.  They believe they are above that.  pelosi is an insipid & hateful waste of a human being.  Just the other day she had the temerity to say "that we need to pass this bill and then we can understand what is in it."
Duh! Double Duh!  This woman is an out and out Socialist. She is so consumed with her self-arrogance and patronizing ways that she can’t even speak without realizing the assininity of her comments because she is so pre-occupied with other venues- liking robbing us blind because she believes that it is her way or the highway.
She knows a lot…..its just that she can’t think of it!  Triple Duh !
This has NOTHING to do with YOU.  This is NOT even about YOU.  You, in their eyes, are but a necessary evil. Current law simply forces them to have to deal with you.   This to them is an inconvenience as evidenced by what they are doing right now in circumventing this ‘procedure’.
Its ALL about THEIR CONTROL over YOU!  Bigger FEDERAL GOVERNMENT with YOU becoming much like the serf of old….working hard, getting little or nothing for your efforts, while the Lord of the Realm grows fatter & fatter upon the labor of YOUR backs!
This country’s Manufacturing Base was long ago set adrift thanks to NAFTA, GATT & CAFTA to name but a few…..and again in the name & guise of ‘Social Needs’, only those Social Needs were of those from overseas.
These ‘Treaties’ made ‘ca-zillions’ for the Wall Street boys. Washington scratched their backs while they were scratching Washington’s backs.
And when these chickens all came home to roost, coupled with the fast & loose ‘Social Changes’ that were implemented in large part since the 1960’s, it all came apart.  And whose money was used to bankroll these titans out from the dilemma they created ?  US, John Q. Taxpayer !  …… because, supposedly, THEY WERE ALL TOO BIG TO FAIL!
Remember that Stimulus they pushed down our throats that NO ONE wanted- almost $$$$ 850 BILLION DOLLARS.  That was going to be used to spark Employment, spark the depressed Housing Market, lower interest rates on mortgages, etc. etc.  Did it ever happen?  NO! Duh, duh again!  Where did it all go- to the banks and everyone else who had already eaten one too many steaks at Delmonico’s and now required CPR from the buss boy- as in you & me busboy.  These were the same guys who were living on easy street while we were clipping coupons and turning the shampoo bottle upside down.  Paulson, Geithner – the alumni of Goldman Sachs who went on to make billions with our money.
And who continues to remain out of work; who continues to struggle with their mortgage payments because of layoffs; who can’t afford a decent car and who is living off of peanut butter sandwiches?  US, that’s who !!!!
When someone steals a car its called grand theft auto…..what would you call it with respect to what they have done ?  Those SOB’s re-capitalized themselves using our money while paying the Federal reserve 0 % in interest.  Wouldn’t you love to pay 0 % interest on your 30 year mortgage, only having to re-pay what you borrowed…..but YOU are too small…. so y’all can FAIL!
Someone asked me not long ago what my suggestion would be to ‘FIX’ things…..don’t you love these kind of profoundly stupid questions when it has taken the FEDERAL’s 145 YEARS to really mess things up BUT, I said this:
A) Introduce a flat tax for EVERYONE.
B) Eliminate the Capital Gains tax for companies as well as individual investors.
> This would have a 3-fold effect:
1) Provide companies, particularly small ones, capital gains money that otherwise would go to the FEDERALS to be retained that would in turn be used for the hiring of more people. 
2) For the larger companies, the same BUT, with the provision that saved capital gains would be used to retain employees WITHOUT NO LAYOFFS.
3) The amount of money that the FEDERALS would NOT be realizing from capitol gains would be more than made up through income taxes coming from those that would remain working. Additionally, the untold BILLIONS going toward un-employment benefits would be substantially reduced saving the FEDS even more.
C) By the same ‘mentality’ applied within THEIR ‘Stimulus’, have all banks reduce the 30- year mortgage rate to 3 3/4 %.
The affordability would spark the depressed housing market who in turn employs carpenters, electricians, plumbers, Lowes, Home Depot and countless thousands of others.
From Bust we would go to BOOM with LITTLE or NO interference from the FEDERAL’s and with marginal monies being utilized without putting us in Bankruptcy….but what do I know, I’m just a cracker from the South whose Nation fought to avoid ALL that has occurred to date!
This country is now a ‘Service Industry’ country.  That is about as stable as a 150 pound man trying to hold up a 900 pound gorilla. How long will that last and how can a ‘Service Industry’ ever expect to pay the whopping interest costs alone that this Federal Regime has run up?
And what about the current debt that is owned by our enemies like China and Russia?  Hell, their military leaders are already calling for them to dump the US dollar on the international market, just as we predicted!
Isn’t that called National Security… who should we be selling our debt to in order to pay for all these ‘necessary’ Federal Social Entitlement Programs…..or the one of many bizarre ones that, for instance, studies the frustration of an individual when ketchup does not come out of a bottle fast enough that cost about $$$$ 3 MILLION DOLLARS !  I could think of a lot of families, through NO fault of their own, that could use a little of their tax money back to get them on their feet again.
We have been TELLING YOU WHAT WAS GOING DOWN for YEARS……but many, sadly, opted for a more ‘convenient & contemporary explanation’,  rather than taking a stand with us.  Finally, MANY are beginning to come to their senses UNDERSTANDING why the South wanted outa here long ago.  I can only pray that it is not too late….for us ALL.  It was ALL about POWER & MONEY back then just as it is TODAY…..but NOW the FEDERAL’s want even more!
It’s not just about State Sovereignty this time around….its about a WHOLE NEW WAY OF LIFE in which THEY will force THEIR way upon YOU & YOURS!
THEY are re-writing Structure and Law right NOW.  THEY are so close to THEIR measured desires they are literally salivating from the mouth.  In full view THEY are bribing one another, cutting deals and making promises to one another upon which untold riches will be paid to one & all.
The Legal System refers to such actions as extortion, racketeering and money’ laundering to name but a few…..but THEY call it Earmarks resulting from Parliamentary Procedure!
Even the few good ones in the House & Senate have compared what is going on in Washington as every bit as similar to Enron and others in which people went to jail.
And upon the grand FEDERAL dais sits the ‘Anointed One’,  who the national media continues to provide a ‘free-pass unto him’, as though he shares NO responsibility & is not involved in any of this ‘calamity’.
HA!  He is in fact the architect of this entire debacle.  Further, he fully describes his intentions & methodology in his books relative to the Transfer of Wealth & the resulting & supportive Transformation that will bring this all about !  His disdain for this country has always been apparent to this Confederate.
It is beyond words and it is beyond comprehension when you consider the men & women who fought & died for this Republic, and whose metal is now being compromised away by this insipid radical & his whiny, pathetic Congressional allies who never ran so much as a lemonade stand!  And how did Obama refer to them….oh yeah, they were part of that group that America now needs to apologize for.  Yeah right Hussein!  I guess you didn’t mind it so much when they were fighting to save your bacon!
What has happened to us as a People that we could allow others to openly steal from us that which was NEVER theirs to begin with?
A terrible day is coming.  This Confederate has stated on many occasions that God will extol much from us should we cast Him out and embrace the Golden Calf.  The Golden ‘One’ has many faces and has many characteristics and they are not always easy to identify….but, if virtue, principle & honour are retained as they should be in God’s name, coupled with human profoundness as it relates to humility & humbleness….then the ‘Golden One’ will reveal itself in ALL its ugliness for ALL to see.
Many years ago I said that the ‘Road Back’ for us ALL is through our Confederacy.  Current events have revealed ALL that was predicted should we lose.  The Cause for which we once fought, as President Davis stated, "would one day reassert itself."
That other ‘time and place’ is here and now!
The States still retain certain privileges despite being forced by the Federals to re-write their State Constitutions after the War concluded.
Two things immediately come to mind:
1) The Nullification Process &,
2) Their ability to institute State Militias for their own protection.  The US Constitution is quite clear about that privilege and right!
I would respectfully suggest that y’all immediately begin to advance each of these privileges with your respective State Legislators and if they give y’all any double talk, VOTE THEM OUT immediately because YOUR STATE, CLEARLY, is NOW, YOUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE!
When The South Lost, So TOO Did This Entire Nation…but Only We Confederates Knew it at The Time!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of The South- The Confederate States of America
When Government Becomes Absolute, the People Must Become Resolute!
PS- I have often asked, which Government would YOU rather have…..this Federal government or, A Confederate Government?  I think that question is more profound than ever before.  Are you hearing us now?

PPS- Will YOU NOW Join Us?