9th & 10th Amendments and the Destruction of America
From: idzrus@earthlink.net
Some days my head is so busy with thoughts that I can’t even do my news trap line.  Today is one of those days.
We are all spending a lot of time on the 2nd Amendment (which we should) but why are we not speaking just as strongly and loudly on the 9th and 10th Amendments?
9th – The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
10th – The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
It was understood until Lincoln that the States had the RIGHT to secede from the compact they had entered into with the other states.  As I have just learned in the book "The Un-Civil War" that Lincoln  came up with a new ‘theory’ of the Constitution based on an 1833 text by Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story  [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Story ]  That was the TURNING point in America – the turn to the Federal Government having MORE POWER than the States.  Few of us have any real understanding of the destructive changes that Lincoln put into place – and there are those who seem to worship that traitor to the American Constitution.  STINKIN LINCOLN should be exposed for what he really was and what he did to America.  Slavery was an afterthought to serve his purposes.
Many years back there was a state legislator out of Pierce County, WA , Tom Campbell, who did more to bring to light the Tenth Amendment and what it meant than any other man I have ever known.  He fought that battle at great cost to his political office but he still fought it.  Finally, he just seemed to give up as so few were willing to stand with him, choosing instead to deride his efforts to educate others on the importance of the Tenth Amendment.
The American People have been DESTROYED for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.
The Tenth Amendment is what we need today more than anything –  The  federal  government  is  supposed  to  be  the designated AGENT of the State  – not the ruler of the states.  Research "The Principles of 98" to see how far we have strayed from reality.  The twisting of words – redefining words – and the revision of history in the textbooks in the public schools has accomplished the means to bring America down to a pile of rubble.  History now is on a FOUNDATION OF LIES.
When you have no knowledge of what your REAL RIGHTS are you give up your guns – bend over to illegal searches and seizures – accept federal health care – ignore the warnings of side effects of those medicines that are sold as a cure for whatever ails you (and they used to shoot snake oil salesmen).
The individual States still have the RIGHT to secede – that has never been repealed – but most think they can’t do it.
The individual still has the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS (no restriction mentioned as to WHAT kind of *arms*) but they are falling for the FEDERAL (OCCUPATION FORCE) lies and the false excuse of it being for our safety – ALL EMOTIONALISM – no basis in LAW.  They never have been able to argue based on LAW  so they use emotions.
Our problem is we have sent politicians to WDC to further pollute and water down the Greatest Document ever written – outside of the Bible – because the Two Headed Snake will do whatever it takes to protect that BODY of the SNAKE (Satan).
We can blame no one but ourselves for this mess –  we found time to go to games – movies – vacation – anything other than paying attention to what those snakes were doing to us – how they enlarged their life style on our $$$ – how they elevated themselves ABOVE THE LAW and stole our property (IRS) to pay for it.  They put legislation after legislation (I can’t call those things LAWS) into the books and called it LAW and they placed Black Robed prostitutes on a bench to rule on those ‘laws’.  As long as you leave one cockroach in place your house in infested.  They may tell you they will not do such and such again but then next week they flip back to their evil ways.  Take a look at the move to open our borders to ILLEGALS and then grant those ILLEGALS RIGHTS that belong only to Legal Americans.  Look at the move right now to grant legal rights to SODOMITES to MARRY.   Those abominations are going to fund and fight on the side of America’s ENEMIES.  Make note of the comments coming out of the politicians mouths………
The very fact that they have not moved to remove the greatest fraud to date that took place in America (SOETORO) should tell you  that their goal has been reached and they are sitting back knowing that we have no recourse (thru legal channels) to remove them.  That only leaves ONE way to clean out the *infested house* and none of us want to speak that out loud but deep within we all know what is coming.  Slavery or Revolution.
If you think the Un-Civil War killed off many Americans –  you ain’t seen nuttin yet.
Americans have turned their back on God and we shall suffer God’s Wrath for doing that.  Other nations shall invade us – they shall take our properties, assets (DEBT), consume all that we have built and we shall not be able to stop them as it will be the PRICE  of turning our backs on God.  If you read in the Old Testament you will see how God’s People repeated this same act over and over and how they were able to flourish as long as they obeyed God’s Commandments but when they turned their backs on God – began to worship other gods (sports, actors, politicians, big house, cars, jewelry, etc) the wrath of God came down upon them.  As long as America worshipped Jehovah God and taught His words to our children this nation grew and flourished.  Our heartland fed not only America but many other nations as well.  Now we have DROUGHT – ILLNESSES never seen before – UNEMPLOYMENT – IGNORANCE  – BROKEN MARRIAGES – OPEN KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN – ACCEPTING ABOMINATIONS of the Sodomites.   Just how much do you think God is going to put up with before He lets our enemies destroy our land?
Jackie Juntti