The Confederacy and the Confederate Battle Flag

By Robert1961 – Posted on October 6th, 2007

The Confederacy was formed to defend it’s land from an invading union army sent by the dictator Lincoln. Also Keep in mind that this man was certainly a dictator and not one of this countries greatest presidents….no matter how you defend him. Lincoln, was never the president of the southland since the south had seceeded before he went into office and he was assasinated before the south was forced back into the union. Many of my ancestors fought for the confederacy along side many blacks who served the confederacy as soldiers, cooks, entertainers and other positions that are required by any standing army. The man Lincoln was not admired by many people of the north or the south. However, Karl Marx the founder of communisum thought very highly of him. And I would think that he admired the man because he was removing the rights of the people and creating a "Lincoln Nation State", which is what we have today. Gone are the rights of the individual states as soverign nations, as they once were. Please read the Parish Peace Treaty and or the Articles of Confederation and see for yourself…..Or seriously consider the "Declaration of Independence for the united States" please note "united" is spelled with a lower case letter as it is on the original document. These words were used because the states were nations in themselves and they still are but restricted by the likes of the illegal central government. 

 Our society has been brainwashed for over 140 years in an all out effort to justify the unions invasion of the southland. This invasion continues today and it will never stop untill all the states have given up their soverignity to the New World Order.The confederate Battle Flag is a symbol that has stood in the way of this continued take over of not only the south but all the states of the north as well as the West. Slavery was one of the objectives being voiced by the abolisionist but not by the government itself before the war. Lincoln did not favor black people being equal to whites and he said this many times. Also his Emancipation Proclamation did not address the slaves of the north only the ones under the control of the confederacy, which he basically had no control what so ever over. Lincoln even admited that his proclamation was an effort to turn the slaves against the people of the south in hopes that the confederate soldier would leave the army to protect his home. This did not work because there was to much loyalty between the slave and his white keepers.

  The Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of hope, Constitutional government, Liberty and all the words contained in the Declaration of Independence for the united States, and also for the bravery of the confederate solder who defended his homeland… no more, no less. Matter of fact the American flag is the official flag of the KKK which has it’s headquaters in the north. However, if we have one KKK incident, here in the south, it is broadcast like wildfire by the media.. while in the north nothing would be said. Such as the flag of PA. which contains the emblem of William Penn. a great slave trader.Also General Grant owned slaves when he met General Lee at Appomatox Courthouse.. General Lee did not……..There are many stories that prove that the south was right in the war that has been incorrectly named the "Civil War" when in fact it was just an Invasion of the Southland in what should have been named "Lincoln’s War on the South". So many southerners still defend the flag of the Confederate Soldier as an honorable flag, as I do….no mater what the socialist NAACP as forced on the public as a racist symbol. All of this, I believe that all this negitive take about our flag has been created by way of the NWO….And there you have a southerners point of view, only facts. 

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