The Citadel
Well, here I go hollering down a well again. For probably the millionth time I will say again, we need a unified front as Southerners & Christians to campaign POLITICALLY against those who attack us. The S.C.V, U.D.C, reenactors, flaggers, etc. are all good at what they do however, it’s not enough, never has been, never will be.
The latest attack on a Confederate Battleflag in the Citadel is just the most recent one in a long line of many. Politicians use our history & heritage against us to promote themselves, their causes & political careers. Until we counter this by making them pay a political price for such attacks they WILL continue.
There is nothing stopping us as individual members of Southern groups from organizing outside our parent groups into a political umbrella of individuals from all these groups to campaign AGAINST those who do not support us. Until politicians are made to pay a price for their Anti – Southern actions those attacks will continue.
To keep on doing the things that have not worked in the past & getting the same results is the definition of insanity. We must make our enemies pay dearly for their attacks or keep losing it all piece by piece. I do not know how much more simple this solution can be expressed. The only thing missing on our part is the guts to counter-attack instead of believing we can educate everyone about the Confederacy & “educate” our way out of these attacks.
This has not worked & will never as our enemies DO NOT care what the truth is. Like everyone else they understand two things, reason or force, & reason has failed. Politicians only understand two things as well, they either have the votes to stay in office or they don`t. It seems it should be a part of our duties to put those who are against us out of office.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama