The Casualties of War
Dear SHNV Friends,
I received an unusually high number of positive e-mails from my response to "The Casualties of War."  Bruce Buwalda, a gentleman from Missouri with an MBA, drew an unusually insightful conclusion that may well be more true than I used to be willing to admit.  His conclusion said, "With such a precedent established for war, the U.S victors had no right in participating in war crimes tribunals on the vanquished nations (regardless of the enormity of the crimes), due to the stain on her hands from the war between the states."  That the United States have no humility and know no shame is something still recognized by unreconstructed Southerners. This statement could also be said of the French following the French Revolution and of the Russian’s following the communist revolution and it is surely true of China following the Red Revolution.  Modernity’s violence is nearly always caused by strongly centralized governments with their militarized focus.  Such powers always say, "Freedom (or the way of our government) is not free." But, true freedom and liberty are more dependent on the righteous character of a nation than it is the strength of their ever ready and powerful military. Nations who lose their righteous character become all the greater threat to nations around them. This is a spiritual truth that is so lost to us today that it is but a faint apparition that appears for a few moments and then fades into the mist of a reconstructed history.
1. Some of the"first concentration camps" were conducted by the United States of America in the west as holding pins until we could kill the Indians with small pox, and it did not seem to bother anyone that thousands of Indians died in the "Removal" to Oklahoma. The English had used small pox against us earlier in our history and that evidently established a precedent for the United States.  The "Supreme Race" idea is tied to the American sense of "Divine Destiny," even though other peoples were already living the areas we sought to claim as "belonging" to us.
2. The whole concept of "ethnic cleansing" was practiced by the United States against American Indians by the establishment of removal and the reservation system and then later was used against ethnic Germans through the Morgenthau Plan.  In the Morgenthau Plan, written by Henry Morgenthau, Jr. United States Secretary of the Treasury, the United States, England and Russia killed over 2 1/2 million German civilians after World War II was over, loaded German civilians like cattle on rail cars (exactly like the Germans did to Jews and other Europeans)  and relocated 15,000,000 more Germans in our assisting England in its plan to control European markets for its own homeland industries and restrict Germans from doing anything except farming. Had not the Morganthau Plan been halted the plan would have exterminated European Germans from the face of the earth.  Tens of millions of more Germans would have been exterminated. For Confederate Southerners this meant that cities and towns that existed before Lincoln’s War no longer exist.  Now those of us who have followed our ancestors are STILL UNDERGOING cultural cleansing.
3. The term "Total War" was coined under Abraham Lincoln by the United States against the Confederate States of America. Hitler loved and adopted the notion.
4. The "extermination" of various European peoples (not just Jews) was made to seem reasonable by the extensive use by the United States military’s of the term and the practice.  It was used near the beginning of Abraham Lincoln’s U.S. War to Prevent Southern Independence by general’s Hunter, Sheridan and Butler from the time of the very beginning of the war. Dozens of other U.S. generals used the term and were ordered to facilitate a massive genocide against Southerners, especially against their civilians.  Their Southern civilian targets were the women, children and the elderly who remained in the cities.  Sherman stated before congress that 80% of the U.S. military force used again the South was against  "their civilians."
5.  Hitler’s "hatred for the Jews" was fired-up to uncontrolled proportions by two books written against Judism by the U.S. car maker Henry Ford. Hitler send his emissaries to the United States and awarded Henry Ford the highest metal of honour that Germany has ever awarded to a foreign national. This is a story seldom admitted to by World war II historians.  It is O.K. to hate Hitler and Germans but not O.K. to hate the Marxism and national socialism that provided a structure for their genocidal activities.
6. Decades ago the apostate descendants of the radical Puritans (commonly and proudly, of course, calling themselves "yankee’s") living in the Deep North (New England) gave up their radicalized Calvinism and gave birth to the "eugenics movement" long before Hitler’s death chambers. These people surrendered their belief in God and the Bible and became atheists and agnostics who embraced transcendentalism, socialism, communism and Unitarianism. They had always hated Christians who differed with them in beliefs and continued to shun any level of tolerance toward Christians and especially toward those who held the more "orthodox" Biblical beliefs.
Socialist like Margaret Sanger (Margaret Higgins Sanger Slee 1879-1966) and earlier Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)  were "feminist" activists in pushing American birth control.  Sanger became the founder of the American Birth Control League which became Planned Parenthood. She spoke to the KKK pushing her views. The feminist movement was a supremist white female movement seeking to stop the birth of non-white babies first in North America and then in the rest of the world. In her drive to promote contraception and abortion which was a distinguishing manifestation of "negative eugenics (as witnessed in the Nazi movement)," Sanger remains a hero of American liberals composed of American Nazi’s, neo-Nazi’s, Fabian socialists and apostate Evangelical churches.  Northern Evangelical churches readily accepted abortion into their "value systems." ((Atheists and agnostics have "values" while Christians have "morals." Values are defined through rationalism and the use of Marxist democracy and morals are defined through the study of the Bible.)) Susan B. Anthony remains a hero honoured by an U.S. dollar coin issued by the government of the United States of America in her "honour."  Anthony traveled the United States and Europe for 45 years giving 75 to 100 speeches every year on "women’s rights." The legacy of Lincoln, the feminists and other American socialists is an aggressive culture of death.
Thank you Mr. Buwalda. I now believe that you are more right than the history of the stale court historians which is constructed to make us feel comfortable with the agnostic notions of the American empire.
Deo Vindice.
Timothy D. Manning, M. Div
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
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