Having just received my upfront copy of Gregory Kay’s latest volume in The Third Revolution series and finished reading chapter one last night, I can tell you this book is a smasheroo. The cop who switched sides from the Neocon World Order coming over to the Confederate Army Provisional is now a General, second in command only to Field Marshall Edge but still operating in their own occupied back yard, and the amazing plan he’s proposing takes it to the enemy — which is indeed something new to our "gentlemanly" way of thinking when fighting forces that recognize no human rules. Written months ago, the first chapter has a "currency meltdown" generated not by those banksters who control Congress but the CAP itself. As a regular writer for The First Freedom, Never having disappointed in the ideas department, Greg is a past master at knowing guerrilla warfare and special forces tactics. Is it fiction or prediction? We must continue praying that things don’t come to this, but, as Wilhelm Tell was forced to shoot that apple from atop his son Walter’s head by order of the hated tyrant Gessler, let us allow such thinkers as Schiller and Kay ALSO into an otherwise censored arena of ideas that would not exist except for these alternate forums. Greg’s collection can be ordered as follows, this memo having arrived from him moments ago:
It’s weird how history is keeping up with me; this time, it almost passed me!
Anyone in the continental USA or occupied CSA who pre-orders THE BLACK FLAG, or orders either of the first two books, THE THIRD REVOLUTION or THE LONG KNIVES by the end of December can get them for $23.45 each ($19.95 + 3.50 postage). After the first of the year, the prices will be going up somewhat, due to increased shipping and printing costs. I know times are hard, and I’m holding out as long as I can.
Just so you know, the 4th and final book in the series, THE WARLORD, is under construction.
Thanks a lot; by all means, announce it.
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Olaf Childress
The First Freedom