"The Black Flag"
From: dixiebound1861@yahoo.com
My copy of Greg Kay’s latest installment of the "Third Revolution" series arrived this past Saturday. I had "The Black Flag" read by that Sunday evening. Once again Greg meets and exceeds my expectations for this series. The war escalates in this volume as both sides struggle with internal issues as well as the ever increasingly harsh developments that this war is bringing.
As with his previous two books, Greg keeps the reader glued and on an emotional roller coaster as Southern Patriots struggle to obtain freedom for the South in modern America. As two am rolled around I finally had to put the book down for the night but was up reading bright and early the next morning wanting to see how those fighting for the Cause would overcome staggering odds. "The Black Flag" takes the reader once more into areas that will seem familiar to anyone that has spent time in the Southern Movement and puts a mirror up for all to look into and see just where they would fit in such a battle.
"The Black Flag" has some intense twists and turns and some very unexpected events that will have you on edge and at times, angry. This book is very much worth getting in my opinion and is a great look into just how events may turn IF we ever make the move for an independent Dixie.
Those wanting to obtain "The Black Flag" or any of his other works can contact Greg directly at http://www.geocities.com/gregmkay/ or via his email gregmkay@yahoo.com.
God Save The South!