The Beast and the Holy Trinity

May 26, 2012
Al Benson Jr.

Most Southern folks who have read any history of the War of Northern Aggression know who Beast Butler was.

After Admiral Farragut had captured New Orleans in April of 1862 the Union landed in that city 10,000 Union soldiers under the command of one of the most disagreeable personalities known to man—Major General Benjamin Franklin Butler (the Beast).

Stories about the corruption of the Beast are legion and some may be somewhat exaggerated, but for all that, the Major General was no paragon of virtue. He was prepared to deal harshly with people in Louisiana who were not exactly thrilled to see him. Men from the USS Pensacola marched into New Orleans and raised the Yankee flag over the Mint Building. The Kennedy Brothers in The South Was Right! Informed us that: “…a young man of twenty one years climbed to the roof and removed the United States flag. Being young and patriotic was not considered a virtue by the Yankees. Union General Benjamin Butler demanded that the man responsible for the act be thrown in jail. The young man was arrested and sentenced to death by hanging for the act of lowering the United States flag.” Many people in New Orleans pleaded with Butler for the young man’s life, the Mayor and church leaders among them. It was all to no avail. Twenty One year old William Mumford was hanged. It’s interesting that during the Viet Nam era many of the “peace” protesters (the Communist’s “useful idiots”) burned the American flag and nothing much was ever done to them. But then, they served someone’s agenda so they had to be protected so they could live to riot and agitate another day.

The Kennedy Brothers tell us of the Beast that: “He sent to prison without a grand jury indictment or trial by jury, both women and leaders of the clergy because they would not accept the invaders with open arms. He closed churches and newspapers at his will if he felt they were not loyal to the Yankee government…Jesus said that a tree could be known by its fruit. The fruit of this Union that Benjamin Butler brought to New Orleans was bitter and deadly.”

Notice that Butler seemed to go after women and churches. A “true American hero” right? It makes you wonder what problem Butler had with churches. But, when a newspaper editor asked Butler told him. He said “I am the military Governor of this state—the Supreme Power—you cannot disregard my order, Sir. By God, he that sins against me, sins against the Holy Ghost.”

Did you get that? It would seem that in equating himself with the Third Person of the Holy Trinity General Butler had a rather exalted opinion of himself. In my opinion such a statement borders on blasphemy—making himself co-equal with the Holy Spirit, or maybe in Butler’s own mind he had replaced the Holy Spirit. After all, there are some authors who have noted that Lincoln equated himself with the Union so you have to wonder, in Lincoln’s own mind was the Union God? It is a fact that those who wish to replace God and destroy what is left of our Christian culture seek to make the state seem omnipotent—the all-seeing, all-knowing dispenser of “privileges and immunities” to its friends and an implacable and bitter foe toward its enemies (Christians).

This is so typical of what I call the Yankee/Marxist mindset and it seems to have been in the process of being cemented in place by 1860. Sherman was known to favor military dictatorship as the best form of government. Lincoln was satisfied with civilian dictatorship as long as he was the dictator, and when he was gone Edwin Stanton wanted to assume the job. Can anyone in their right mind blame the South for wanting to secede from this?

From Sherman to Lincoln to Butler this form of God complex seems to have taken hold in the North. Unfortunately, since the North won the War it has never really gone away and today we have in the White House yet another Marxist mentality who suffers from pretensions of grandeur and seems to envision himself as some sort of leftist messiah.

God deliver us from those that want to replace Him.

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