From: Mark Vogl <>
Date: Mon, May 21, 2012
Subject: Engagement, why the Flaggers are successful! The battle for the new South goes on!

In Texas, I was elected as the Lt Commander of the division for Heritage Defense.  But despite the fact that Texas was in an effort to get license plates, I was forced to fight the DEC and the division commander, instead of focus on the real effort.  Why?  Because Granvel Block and the DEC are grannies.  They don’t want the SCV to win, they want to quietly be the big shots of nothing.  They dont do press releases, or rallies or pressure elected officials to get off their cans.
Then you look at the Flaggers.  Just a rag tag outfit, with no medals to hand out, no famous logo or bi-monthly magazine.  What they do is engage the enemy!  The Flaggers go out in public week after week, and go straight to the heart of where Southerners like the grannies are surrendering the South every week!
The Flaggers are about confrontation…not meannees, not stupidity, but about standing their ground, Vindicating the Cause!  It helps that Susan Hathaway is a lovely southern woman.  It helps that these folks are not brutes, or racists.  It helps that they know their history.  But the most important aspect of the flaggers is their willingness to go where people are!  They don’t look for quiet out of the way meetings, or cemeteries, or out of the way quiet places.  They go where the rubber meets the road and talk to people.  Their fights aren’t internal, they are winning converts, spreading the word.  They are doing Confederate evangelism!
Oh, and here’s something else…what the Flaggers are doing is POLITICAL!!!!!!  They are facing the heat of Yankee oppression.  They are firing back volleys of information and kindness!  They are smiling, carrying the most important symbol of freedom and intolerance to oppression…the Confederate battleflag!
Grannies just dont get it, and they are destroying the heritage organizations charged with VINDICATING THE CAUSE.  So, people like Susan are just moving right around them.
It is so wonderful to see present day Southern patriotism!  It is so wonderful to see Southerners talking to people about the South!  Today’s South.  It’s so wonderful to see FREEDOM OF SPEECH…something not allowed in the SCV.  I was thrown out of the Texas Division for practicing Freedom of Speech as a division officer!  I thought was elected to lead.  But, turns out, in Texas you are elected to be quiet.   LOL  great group huh? Wanna join?  LOL.
Folks, there’s alot to do to rebuild the South and fighting with the grannies is a complete waste of time.  Time to follow Susan.  Like Sarah Palin, there are bright, young, youthful, bold, effective leaders out there who don’t need titles and uniforms, and balls to get things done…not that the SCV gets much done!  Oh, if you are looking to re-enact…they can do that.  If you are lookin to sit in a quiet meeting…they can do that.  March in a parade?  Yep.
But change government policy?  Nope.  Get Southern musuems to be be Southern..nope.  Raise money and build new Southern institutions…are you kidding?
There’s a new tide in the South coming.  If you want to know more, go to America Today at and search for articles about the Southern movement today.  In those articles you can learn about the men and women who are working to awaken the South!  Susan Hathaway is one…and God Bless her, but there are others.  So, let’s get on the move!  Rally to the colors, stop worrying about the grannies and move on to reach out to the 50 – 80 million descendants of Confederate gray!
After the ground is broken, after the Yankees are in rout, and history has been made…the SCV and the UDC will dawddle along and claim they did it.  LOL, but it won’t matter…if the colors are flying and if a new South is rising those who are the veterans of today’s battles will know who did it.
Mark Vogl,  Loving the freedom to speak!