From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: February 6, 2010

A Confederate Commentary:
" This guy is in so far over his head you can’t find him with sonar."
Marine Colonel Oliver North- 2/4/10
….referring to Barack Hussein Obama!
Most Americans are coming to grips with the stark reality that they have elected an incompetent hack as a president.  Adding to his obvious incompetency is the equal reality that he is a committed Marxist/Socialist as evidenced by his policies and those he has surrounded himself with and appointed to various high levels of government.  These individuals ( Jones, Lloyd, Hunt, Emanuel, Holder & Axelrod ) to name but a FEW, and whose backgrounds & associations more than suggest a Left/Communist ideologue, are the end result of a 2-party system that has combined to destroy this country.
The Democrats are far worse than the Republicans, but the Republicans are equally to blame for this dilemma.
It is a process of Transformation that has been in effect since 1865.  We (5-generations later) have been brought to this "time and place"  because of a series of Federal ‘alterations’ (via legislative acts providing judicial enforcement) over a protracted period of time in which this Republic has been Transformed from a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist Democracy.  Current events are but the end result of 145 years of those many ‘alterations’.
We Confederates have been asserting these charges for many years.  And although our claims were based entirely upon Historical fact & accord, many were sadly influenced by those same zealots who are in now in control today whose intentions were deliberately designed to segregate & ostracize us from the rest of this nation.  As such, we were portrayed & intentionally described as yahoo’s, rednecks, right-wingers, Klaner’s & racists in an obvious attempt to SILENCE us.
We pleaded with y’all to listen to us & what we were saying.  However, we were so far down on the ‘food chain’ that our voices for the most part were just echoes on the wind.
Today’s conditions (the cronyism, corruption, special interests, lobbyists, etc., etc.) are but the by-products of the Failed-System that was born in 1865.  Today’s conditions would have NEVER come about if this nation remained the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers intended it to be!  It ALL changed after the War For Southern Independence ended.
It was NEVER a regional War (North vs. South) as I have contended but a War between TWO COUNTRIES with two entirely different ideologues.
Simply stated, the United States then, under Lincoln, was embracing a Central Government theme through which the Sovereign States would ultimately become subordinate.  The Confederate States of America did NOT accept that ideologue and wished to remain a Constitutional Republic whose Sovereign Republics would remain in control.
That was & remains THE difference between us to this very day.  Most today have come to believe, thanks to your Federal ‘education’, that the War was fought entirely & exclusively for one reason- slavery.  NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH!
That War emanated entirely because of an ideologue that was perceived as being NO different & probably worse than that which was forced upon us when we decided, only 65 years earlier, to revolt from King Georg the III.  It was literally and totally a contrary ideologue & foreign to our Constitutional beliefs that Lincoln was espousing.
It was an ideologue that would DETERMINE the manner in which the ECONOMICS of this country would be structured forever more and WHO would be in subsequent control!
It has taken the Federals 145 years, thanks to their overthrow of our Southern Nation to completely mess things up, but it was an inevitability that had to happen and one that was entirely predicted by our Confederate ancestors should we lose.
One cannot live off the masses forever through a Tax System that supports a Federal/Social Re-Engineering Stratagem whose basis & purpose is not only illegal, but whose intended division of the classes & culture is clearly designed to perpetuate the Federal ‘enterprise’ & demagogue.  Ultimately, any such system is doomed & must collapse from the inordinate weight placed upon it  resulting from the Social-Corruption & ultimate Chaos it will cause.
This has been the end result of every social democracy in world history and the key reason why our Founding Fathers went to such great lengths to insulate us from ever evolving into one and why the expressed purpose of this Nation was to have forever been a Constitutional Republic.
That is why & how where we have gotten to where we are today.
The two party system combined, ever since 1865, has brought this travesty upon us.
There is NO doubt that the Democrats in 2010 are going to ‘get their clocks cleaned’ in that election.
However, that won’t change anything!
The current Federal debt ( $12 + TRILLION DOLLARS & expected to reach $15 TRILLION DOLLARS by 2013 ) is NOT sustainable!  We are in fact, a debtor nation who can NOT turn this around.  We are bankrupt and the only thing that is keeping us afloat is the international monies that are presently invested with us through various Federal treasury bills and bonds.  The Federals know this and so to are the American people beginning to awaken to this sad reality.
Our country has been ‘EarMarked’ as the last-stepping stone in advancing a One World currency that the UN is promoting & positioning everyone for.  This is how they intend to adjust their ‘ledger sheet’.  It will be packaged & presented as the new wave approach much in the same manner as the Euro has become the ‘European Currency’.
It is a Culture of Corruption and has been in play for 145 years.  Toady’s occurrences & events are but the extension of a political doctrine that was put in play many long years ago after our Christian Confederacy was defeated.  All you need to do is look back and read your History to see where and how the Transformation began.
Toady’s events is every bit the same as those that culminated in 1860 when we Confederates said No More EverMore & decided it was time to get the hell outa here and solidify our purpose once and for all as a Christian, Constitutional Republic!  Our actions then were MOST LEGAL and the province for those actions was guaranteed to us as Sovereign Republics under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.
And because we separated in peace and by the Laws we ALL agreed to when we revolted from England, Lincoln shelved the Constitution and waged a War against us.  In so doing, he and his ilk trampled the Constitution into dust, subsequently re-writing it through revised Amendments that each of the Federal Regimes henceforth have seized upon in order to elevate themselves at the expense of the people & this nation.
We were NOT rebels!  We were patriots then and we remain patriots today.
And just as Lincoln and his Red Republicans then, brought havoc to this Nation, so to is Obama doing the same.  He and Lincoln are cut from the same mold.  One is but an ideological extension of the other.
Back then we didn’t have the ability to communicate with one another as we do today.  Thus it was easier to manipulate and create deliberate discourse between two regions of this country and ‘spin’ it off as ‘Saving the Union’ and no one would ever be the wiser.  It wasn’t until 1863 when Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation that the North began to suspect that something was up.  The North was initially led to believe that the Union was at stake, and now it (the War) was being ‘Re-positioned’ in the name of social morality….but, by then, it was too late to stop……and thus, ‘When the South Lost, So To did This Entire Nation’ as y’all are beginning to realize today!
And this brings us back to NOW.  The current 2-party system, in this Confederate’s opinion, is beyond any hope of redemption AND change.  The labyrinth of convoluted laws and legislative practices cannot be changed from within.
THEIR SYSTEM simply does NOT allow for it !  Their entire FEDERAL SYSTEM has been built around a socially re-designed ideologue resulting from those hastily passed Constitutional Amendments that were immediately added  after the conclusion of the so-called ‘Civil War’.
THEY rammed them through WITHOUT the Southern States being duly represented by their own constituents as was promised when the War ended.   The required 2/3 ratification necessary for any Constitutional Amendment to pass was NEVER secured, and thus the ‘Age of Social Entitlement’ was officially born over which the Federal Demagogue would build its foundation of ‘many bridges’ that would result in a series of convoluted laws & subsequent interpretations that would enslave us all over the next 145 years.  During this process they would further decimate the original Constitution while systematically dumbing down the electorate, vilifying & attacking everything and anyone that made this country great.
Thus, everything BEFORE 1865 has been cleverly masked, re-written & appropriated from YOU.  The politically correct Federal school system has become their benchmark and the key ‘avenue’ through which they have advanced their demagoguery, another ‘avenue’ they were expressly forbidden from ever entering as clearly defined by the original US Constitution.
Some will always continue to deny the truth but the ‘dots of history’, once connected, is undeniable!
We have ALL been hustled and we have ALL paid an ENORMOUS price for these Federal Transgressions.
We hear so much about globalism (once called the One-World New World Order)…., but is trading with one another throughout this world such a new & novel concept?
We did it long AGO with one another when we only had sailing ships & look at how our Sovereign States & Country prospered…, but consider who was in charge back then?
EACH of your Sovereign States! 
They were wealthy and their citizens prospered because they weren’t being stripped from their wealth through a Federal Tax System that forced them to pay for another’s failure.  Remember what President Reagan once said- "You can vote with your feet." In other words if you don’t like what your State is doing, move to another!
But the Federals are making that almost impossible, because EACH State, & because of Federal Law, has unwillingly become the social & bastard dependent of the Federal Government.  The Tail is wagging the dog folk’s rather than the other way around and has been doing so ever since 1865!
Just look at California ( $26 Billion in the hole), New York ( $21 Billion in the hole ), & New Jersey ( $17 Billion in the hole) for example!  This is the end result of a Failed Federal System created in blood and born out of conspiracy, corruption and self-purpose.
Why do you think the people of these States are literally fleeing from them in droves as they cannot afford to pay the burden of their taxes in order to keep them afloat from their failed liberal & social policies?  New York & New Jersey combined have lost over $135 BILLION DOLLARS in State revenues because of this mass Exodus.
Once again, the ONLY way in which we can ever hope to return to a Constitutional Republic, is to go ‘Back To The Future’.
The hand writing has been on the wall for years.  The Red States & the Blue States are diametrically opposed from one another.  The Red States are staunchly Conservative, while the Blue States are not only Liberal in the sense of the word, but whose adoption of Federal policies has led to widespread Socialist practices that can NO longer be reversed.
They’re politics & political philosophies are as different as comparing a Constitutionalist & a Communist.
The harsh but ever-increasing & apparent reality is that we cannot co-exist as one nation as the political divide brought about & created under the Federals’ structure is far too great.  The political abyss between us remains as omni-present as it did when the first of our States legally seceded in 1860.  145 years later has only magnified our Constitutional Cause that Lincoln & his Federal ilk believed to have silenced!
We do NOT embrace their political platform just as they do not embrace ours.  I believe theirs is destined for complete and total failure and if we remain on board, its a one-way ticket to oblivion.
We must Separate if we hope to survive.  We remain a Country under conquest, and as ‘foreign’ as that may sound to some, it is TRUE nevertheless.
We seceded from the Union as was our Constitutional Right.  We formed our own country, The Confederate States of America, as a result of our respective State-secessions.  We left with NO hostile intentions but was subsequently invaded by a Foreign force whose actions were NEVER Constitutionally sanctioned by the US Congress.  Four long and horrific years of War resulting in our loss does NOT make their invasion any more RIGHT or LEGAL nor does it give the Invader Judicial Province over us.
However, and despite The Confederate States of America’s military loss folks, our Government was NEVER surrendered!  It is and REMAINS a legal entity AND country to this very day.  Our Armies and military surrendered but NOT our Government.  YOU must understand this and why the Federals, upon conclusion of that War, did everything within their power to force President Davis to sign letters of surrender which he NEVER did!
YOU must understand what THEY UNDERSTOOD & KNOW TO THIS VERY DAY—  Their actions would one day come back to haunt them for the mantle of their entire & subsequent creation rests entirely upon their illicit and illegal invasion through which they re-purposed the original design of this country from a Constitutional Republic into a so-called Democracy that has subsequently morphed into today’s Federal, Socialist State!
Yes, it is True, and the "Truth is what shall set you Free" as our Lord Almighty has stated.
And, as President Davis said and predicted, "the Cause for which we fought is bound to re-assert itself although it may be in a different time & place."  That different place is the Socialist Democracy we have become and the time is Now!
Anything less is simply prolonging the same but whose consequences will only become more severe for everyone.  We must go ‘Back to the Future’ once again….and we must go our way and they must go their way.
It is apparent that we cannot co-exist.  The Federal structure does NOT allow for nor does it recognize the Right of the Individual much less the Sovereignty of this Country or that Sovereignty which they took from the States by force!
Their HealthCare & Cap & Trade Bill’s are but the ominous foretelling of what they have in mind for YOU & YOURS….I know this is difficult for many to understand,  but for those of us who have understood the oppression of that which follows when your country has been conquered & subsequently ‘ReConstructed’ in another’s image, this is but the obvious conclusion resulting from that same ‘plague’ which was unleashed on us ALL in 1861….
‘When the South Lost, So Too Did This Entire Nation….but Only We Knew it at The Time’
ALL Roads Have Always Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
PS- Are you hearing us now?