The appearance of the KKK
Dear Sir:
None of this surprises me. Remember, the present "klan" is made up almost exclusively of government operatives from various agencies. The klan has been used as a straw man for years by those who wish to destroy Southern heritage. And given that despite every effort of the NAACP and the SPLC (not to mention Eric Holder’s blatantly racist DoJ!) the cause of the South is waxing rather than waning, it is not at all surprising that the "klan" is being raised up once again as a "boogeyman" against the people and culture of the South. Alas, as most Americans are ignorant in the extreme on all matters historical and most matters of the moment, it is probable that you will indeed be "blamed" for this situation when exactly the opposite is true.
Few people know anything about the three manifestations of the klan, the last being strongest in the Mid-West rather than the South and whose members carried the American flag and not any symbol of the former Confederacy. So you can be sure that any appearance of folks in white robes will be presented by the media and seen by the ignorant as proof of the rise of "the klan"  which, in turn, will be seen as proof that every Southerner who loves his or her family and heritage is a klansman in disguise. Naturally the consequence of this "false flag" operation will be an attempt to redouble the present campaign of cultural genocide against the South!
What can Southerners (and their allies) do? Sadly, not much. All efforts to denounce and deny as well as educate must fail because such will be ignored and discredited by the media and the academic and heritage establishments and ignored by the general (and ignorant) public. Certainly such denials and rejections must be made, but it would be foolish to believe that they will be of much use. The best thing, therefore, is to continue to fight for your heritage and the hell with the klan or the government or the media or "public opinion." But the last thing you must do is give up and give in. That’s what your enemies want and you must realize how very worried they are when they are willing to play the klan card one more time.
Valerie Protopapas (Lady Val)