That was close
RE: Large Confederate flag to be replaced near I-4
ABC Action News, FL
HA! The headline and even the first 46 words of the article give you heart failure — REPLACED WITH WHAT? Oh no — it can’t be — all right, there was a lot of flak about the big C-flag going up. Sometimes even the best people and efforts just find they have to cave in…..right?
Nohow: that 30 by 50 foot Confederate Battle Flag, it says (capitalization theirs) "will be replaced by another larger Confederate Battle Flag. The new flag measures 30 by 60 feet"!!!!!
Even better: "Sons of Confederate Veterans spokesperson Marion Lambert says the new flag ties the second largest flag flying in the United States."
Blessed are ye who mourn, for ye shall laugh — once you click the link!
Thought I’d throw this in for any who missed it. Thank you, Chuck! Kudos. SCV! Tough luck, ABC Action News!