"That’s The Way It Was"
From: Mhilton33@aol.com
Good Morning:
Since I am a member of the UDC for 25 years I get ask a lot of questions concerning the Southern ways and the slavery issue. You can bat it back and forth all you want but it comes down to this in a simple answer. "That’s The Way It Was".
St. Louis is my home and on "Lee-Jackson Day" in 1969 or 1970 there was a parade downtown and I took my two horses down for  "Lee-Jackson Day". I went to pick up the horses, loaded them and took them downtown for a ceremony. There were ladies dressed in period costume and although it was cold it was a fun day. I then took the horses back, went home got dressed and went downtown River Queen for dinner. The Boat sank in the am Dec. 1, 1970 as we were planning my daughter’s birthday for that day.
You are absolutely correct as they keep changing history children are so mixed up. Thank Goodness we have people like John Wolfe who was in Spfld. MO. and a member of the SCV about ten years. Those are so great for our folks.
Thanks and keep up the good work. I live near the Jefferson Barracks cemetery and go down there as often as I can know it was Benton Barracks during the war and conflict was heavy at that time. If any of your folks have someone buried there I would be glad to look up and take a picture. The weather is bad here now and in St. Louis, Jan. and Feb. are our coldest months.
Oh, nearly forgot the work being done on the building down at J.B. that will soon be civil War museum. I have purchased a brick for my ancestor Daniel Wood, Confederate. I search and searched for this ancestor and finally found 4 pages of information at Little Rock, AR. Danney Honnell of Jonesboro and his unit officiated at the tombstones I had placed.
Marian Wood-Hilton