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RE: Fly it BIGGER!


Dear Folks,

Most USA flags flown at homes are 3′ x 5′. I would love to see us fly our Confederate Flags BIGGER and HIGHER. Treat the flag with Scotch Gard or some other similar product and it will lengthen the outdoor flying-life of the flags.

One of my Yankee neighbors told me she was having a problem selling her house. She said that the real estate agent said that when she brought people to our neighborhood to see her house said that they did not want to see her home because of "that flag" and that>>>

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: This is one of the jim-dandiest posts in awhile. The best part is that the man doing all this educating is a minister — and every time somebody complains, he puts up a larger model of C-flag! Most ministers would rather die than have it *rumored* that they love the true South and its symbols. Shame, thrice shame upon them for their betrayal of TRUTH.

Some years ago I wrote a column on how "the flag has the same effect on liberals that a crucifix has on a vampire — revulsion and repulsion!" It was linked in SHNV and made a huge hit with readers. I can send an email copy to any reader that would like one.