That dog won’t hunt, and that flag can’t fly

Wed, Apr 23, 2008
James Ragland

Remember that big flap over the Confederate flag at Burleson High School? Well, actually it was two girls’ purses that sported the image of the Confederate battle flag.

Ashley Thomas and Aubrie McAllum, both juniors at the time, brought the purses to school in January 2006. The principal said no-can-do. A controvery erupted. Other Confederate symbols cropped up.

And the case ended up — where else? — in court in February of last year.

Well, a federal judge dismissed the case by current and former Burleson students who were forbidden from carrying the purses on campus, reports DMN’s Jeff Mosier.

Judge David C. Godbey’s ruling today ends the lengthy lawsuit about the place of Confederate symbols in public life.

As you may recall, school officials argued that the Confederate symbols could be disruptive because of the racial overtones.

The defendants, backed by the Southern Legal Resource Center, contended that the school’s decision violated their rights of free express, due process, equal protection and right to express their heritage.

Now, can we please get back to our textbooks and TAKS tests. Puhleez.

What say you?

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