Morning Chuck,

Got your e mail on the 27th and found where the carpetbaggin’ lady from Greer SC had posted the follwing at a Greenville newspaper website…

We’re all Yankees and Americans

Re: the recent letter, "Condescension isn’t becoming."

We grew up in the "North." We make our living in the South. We raised our sons in the South. We are "red, white and blue Americans." My husband and I chose to live in the South, so I suppose we are "not of the South;" seems to me that American should have been enough, but OK.

We love this part of our America and we know we don’t want to live any place else.

Does this make us less leery of a yard with the Confederate flag in it? No. Do we feel any better about the Confederate flag being flown any place else but in a museum? No. It’s not about "redneck;" it’s about what the flag conveys to many people in our United States — prejudice and maybe not hatred, but "love thy neighbor" isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the Confederate flag.

So what is difficult is the narrow-mindedness that I feel emanating from those who hold the Confederate flag as if it were national rather than regional. Please remember that once we leave our shores, we are all Yankees. Also, remember, we are all Americans.

Mary C. Leibowitz

I felt the good people of Greenville needed an opposing viewpoint so I gladly submitted mine after signing up and this is my letter to the Editor…

It appears that Mrs. Leibowitz in her comments posted August 28 has missed a few points that are most important.

First, what a yankee moving South thinks is not important to anyone but them. We (Southerners) have dealt with carpet baggers of all kinds for over 150 years. Each one has their ideas and opinions on how the South should be and how they’re going to change it for the better. We like it the way it is and don’t need your help to improve it.

Secondly and most important is that we are all NOT yankees. The old fashioned practice of washing ones mouth out with soap when they said something that wasn’t nice or vulgar should be dispensed on Mrs Leibowitz for such a vile and disrespectful comment. Manners must be a Southern trait, not many from up north seem to display them.

She commented "So what is difficult is the narrow-mindedness that I feel emanating from those who hold the Confederate flag as if it were national rather than regional." Well it’s not narrow mindedness it’s our heritage and our birth right to be Proud Southerners and her only problem seems to be that she feels since the north won the war of Northern Agression we shouldn’t be proud of who we are.

We are not all Americans nor are we all yankees. There are some of us who are still Confederates and believe that a country of God believing people who are not swayed by politics, still know what is right and what is wrong is a country worth believing in.

I know somehow future comments will turn to the Confederacy and slavery and let me put a stop to that now before it starts. The first state to legalize slavery was Delaware. "The first black slave in the colony was named Anthony, and he had been brought up from the West Indies in 1639." ( and if my math is right that’s some 200 years before the Confederacy was formed. So slavery was not a Southern institution but a northern one. There is no record of even one slave ship having southern registration or ownership…once again all northern.

Now with that out of the way, let me say this…I am proud to be a Confederate, a descendant of 3 veterans who served the south and never owned a slave and look forward to the day when the vacant Confederate Government will be re-established. The 13 member Confederate Security Council has already been appointed ( and the first steps to reform the Confederacy are underway. So might I suggest interstate 85 north to those like Mrs Leibowitz who might want to to return to their America and their yankee homeland.

Seems the south was a good enough place for Mrs Leibowitz to move her family to and raise her children, it should be good enough for her to respect our history, our ancestors, our way of life, our pride and for her to hush and eat her beans and cornbread.

Deo Vindice,

Mike Gaultney
Thomasville, NC


From one ol truck driver to another…Thank you Sir for your hard work in keeping us informed.