From: Dewey Barber

Dear members of the Ohio County School Board,

Thanks for allowing your students the right to express their pride in their Southern heritage. As you probably know, the Confederate battle flag was a soldier’s flag. 260,000 Southern men and women died trying to defend their homes against the ravages of the Yankee soldiers who were invading our Southland.

Our Confederate flag has never been a symbol of racism or slavery as espoused by the intolerant hate group, the NAACP and others who make a living spreading lies and hate.

You have struck a blow for freedom of speech and common sense. I’m sure the students in your school are very proud that you did not cave to political correctness.

Your thoughtful and insightful decision is a breath of fresh air in a land dominated by school boards who fear "offending" at the cost of our freedom and heritage.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Dewey Barber
Owner, Dixie Outfitters