Thanks, Mike!
Mike in California,

Thank you for the information you contributed about Sherman in Savannah.  I tend to believe that a carriage tour guide would be giving more facts of the truth while one is on their riding tour, however long or short!   Besides, it’s history that many others go to such places
for; to learn some of the ways and events from a certain time period.

Some time ago, a person from "the west" told me something like this:  "I could care less about what happened back then!  I’m from the west, where they didn’t have this war!  It’s been over 100 years ago and the south lost.  Why don’t they just get over it and move on instead of living in the past?"  Maybe because it’s history.  Maybe because other folk living today have a true story to tell; especially those who had distant family members who shed their blood for this country, in this country. "Thanks" again, our California friend!
Effie Jane Erhardt