Re: Thanks for sharing wonderful information



Thanks so much for publishing the above referenced article by Joan Hough. It is indeed wonderful and positive information.

For those not too familiar with Joan, her name is pronounced Huff. We kiddlingly call her wisdom in words, "Huff stuff".

Joan is that kind of lady. She is talented in many areas. Her poetry is superb. She has a unique listing of Southern recipes that would gain cheers from culinary experts. She has written outstanding works for children. Her view of Southern men is a classic piece of work that deserves wider distribution. She was and is a Louisiana beauty queen, now living in Houston. I could write a complete article about Joan’s attributes. If I did, I’d need to mention she at one time was an accomplished symphonic oboist.

Above all, Joan is a true American patriot on the order of the rugged individualists who put liberty above selfish safety and timidity above an ever encroaching national mentality.

I’m particularly pleased that Joan salutes her mates who formed the basis for a great group of contributors at the Georgia Heritage Council website.

Some of us have gotten bogged down in other duties which have created a little lapse in our previous regularity of providing meaningful commentaries and colorful satire on current perceptions of the passing scene in America today.

That group is too good and talented to not be back together again, and we will be. Some of us have been blessed by an extension of the biblical "three score and ten".

Several of us have taken roles in heritage organizations that required considerable time. In my case, serving Commander-in-Chief Chris Sullivan of the SCV as chairman of the Public Relations-Media Committee.

We all agree we are in a battle that until very recently was not going well. Because of the efforts of a number of talented volunteers from all levels of our various organizations we are beginning to see some rays of hope. It is just a beginning, but it is a true challenge to play heavy on the inertia established.

It is still a serious culture war. We cannot let up for even a moment.

Better days are yet ahead for the honor and dignity of our ancestors.

A huge part of the success, past, present or future is wholly attributable to the common link we all too often fail to acknowledge, Southern Heritage News and Views and the family of publications that you Chuck, provide in what I believe to be the integral ingredient to bind us together.

Jeff Davis
Gainesville, Georgia