Thank you very much!


Dear Rev. Dowell,

I have just read an article about you and your support of the South, Her flag and Her heritage, in Southern Heritage News & Views which is published by Mr. Chuck Demastus.

If you will kindly provide me with your mailing address, I would like to thank you for your support of Southern Heritage, and other symbols of the Confederacy in addition to the Battle Flag, by sending you an expression of appreciation on behalf of lovers everywhere of Southern Heritage and the Confederacy. Being sent to you is a professionally-arranged and produced CD of wonderful primarily-Southern songs, sung by Rosland Bowie Hollaway, a black woman with an incredible voice. When you show your support of the Confederate Battle Flag, or any of the three national flags of the Confederacy, this music would make outstanding accompaniment. There are only nine cuts on the CD, but the final one is Amazing Grace, sung acappella.

Just as soon as I receive your address, the CD will be coming to you from Mr. Jack Marlar, an SCV regional coordinator based in South Carolina.

Again, we all thank you very much for your spreading of healing salve on a deep wound.

May our Lord continue to bless your ministry!!

Your Servant in Christ,

Doug Stewart
Courtland, VA