From: Zachary Foster,
Date: Sat, Aug 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Edgerton,
I happily inform you that over the last several months I have hungrily been studying the history, culture, and demographics of the Rebel army and the society it fought for.  I can tell you with confidence that my findings have been very interesting and entriguing, to say the least.  I never would have known from what I was taught in school that at least 80,000 blacks, 10,000 Native Americans, and 5,000 Hispanics fought for the rebel army.
I read the book Black Southerners In Gray as well as the memoir of Sam Watkins, Co. Aytch, and the Detailed Minutiae of Daily Life of the Footsoldier of the Army of Northern Virginia.  I was moved by these readings, since it brought home to me a very human element to all these rebel soldiers.  I myself am a dedicated Unionist, being a proud soldier in California’s state guard, but I take pride in the fact that my ancestors trace back to both sides of the Civil War.  Revisionist historians with a malicious agenda made it seem like the rebel soldiers were nothing but a bunch of white supremacists.  I know now that this is incorrect, and that the reasons for Secession were primarily huge cultural and economic differences from those of the North.
I have seen now that the southern men were called Rebels or Secessionists merely because history books refer to them only with those words.  I now see that these ancestors of mine were simply American men who had faith in their elected officials, took up swords for what they thhought was the right thing to do, and trusted their fates to God.
Despite my Unionism, I still proudly boast of my Confederate ancestors (as well as those who fought in North Carolina’s War of the Regulation), and I educate people on the non-whites who bravely fought for their country in the War Between the States, though revisionist history has tried to steal this honor from them.
Mr. Edgerton, when I first found out about you I was surprised that a black man would drape himself in the rebel colors.  Now you have become a personal hero to me.  You have helped to restore humanity to the rebels whom history has damned, and you have also done much to take the Stars and Bars from white supremacist hate groups who misuse them and the revisionists who give those same hate groups the flag, and you have helped to return the rebel flag to its proper historical and cultural context.
I have also attached a pamphlet called On the Confederate Flag I wrote several months ago.  I would like your opinion on it (if you have the time).
If you are ever in California, I would be honored to meet you.
Thank you for what you do, Sir.
Zach Foster