Thank you
Thank you for coming to Lexington to help us with our struggle to preserve the memory and flags of two great men, Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson.  While we did not win the battle with city council, we brought a great deal of attention to the matter and I hope we will ultimately prevail in a legal challenge.  There are links to some of the media coverage on our "Save the Flags" website.
My Regards,
Brandon Dorsey, Commander
The Stonewall Brigade #1296 SCV
Dear Commander Dorsey,
Having the Honorable Mayor of the Sister City of Lexington;" Buena Vista, Virginia ", come out and not only welcome those of us who gathered at the home place of  the Honorable Confederate General  Paxton to began our 10 mile March into Lexington alongside his Police Chief and other staff , but the words of kindness and support of our efforts was heart warming; in lieu of the fact that the Mayor of Lexington who is a direct descendant of the man who would deliver the oath of office to CSA President, the Honorable Jefferson Davis, would lead the charge to ban the Southern Cross. And to make matters worse the Publisher of the News- Gazette being a direct descendant of General Paxton where we stood, proclaiming his shame of the General and his stand against tyranny.
I wish that these scalawags would have joined us and witnessed the show of love and support from the populous that we experienced as we made our way to Lexington City Hall.
I must add that I was quiet put back to learn that a Russian so called history professor from VMI would initiate the these matters against our Flag and Heritage, especially with the profound horrors Russia committed in the African slave trade then and now. And then the shame of the Black transplant former marine who now own a shop in downtown Lexington proclaiming his hate of the Christian Cross of St. Andrew, while at the same time not only displaying a pewtered copy of the Confederate submarine ship the CSA Hunley in his store front window, but also having his shelves packed with it for sell. I now can truly say that I have a sense of what folks felt about Benedict Arnold.
The public hearing was a farce and a sham and a disgrace to any rules of public decorum as we were forewarned. The Mayor had clearly packed the room with naysayers and allowed them to spit out there lies, and in typical treacherous political fashion set the rules of engagement allowing these folks to rant and rage while calling those of us gathered in the hall; racist, bigots, truck drivers, Nazi’s and a whole variety of other demeaning descriptors, and at the same time telling us that should we respond in kind , we would be removed from the city property.
The Public Hearing was a sham; the decision had been made prior to any comment from the public. The target of this ban in this Sacred City of Lee, Jackson, Shields, Miller, and Lewis was the Honorable Symbol they were sworn to defend and in that defense watch so many lives come to an end.
I could not have been more proud than I was when you made your presentation to this traitorous body with the exception of councilman Cox, who like Southern Legal Resource Center Chief Trial Counselor, the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons has serious reservations that this Ordinance with pass Constitutional scrutiny and review. Even though the Council would ask for a legal opinion from a Constitutional Professor of VMI who would say that it would. I was troubled that they would ask about this legal matter from this person and not their own attorney.
This decision is tantamount to an act of war against the Southern people and their social and cultural norms. And Sir, I stand at your disposal to do battle against those traitors who turned their backs on not only their very own ancestors, but also on the people of the South who have suffered far for too long for making an honorable stand in defense of their homeland and our now broken Republic.  God bless you, and please invite my little brother, Terry Lee and I again.
Your brother,