Thank You Senator Jim Webb

From: "Gary Adams"

Mr. Daniels,

In response to your efforts to ban our flag, I would like to offer this correspondence to Senator Jim Webb of Virginia and to say I find using a position of authority and influence to desecrate the flag and to deprive me of my heritage is disgraceful and unforgivable. I doubt you we even born when I was being shot defending this country, but it makes me cringe to know that these I defended care so little for our history, forefathers and our history as to destroy it. Gary Adams

“Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy, that our youths will be taught by Northern school teachers; learn from Northern school books THEIR version of the war”. General Patrick Cleburne

It is terrible when one has no heritage. We hear all too often that someone has offended someone else over a slight and I mean a slight not a purposely hurtful act, meanness or hated. I have to respect the Mexicans who are invading illegally, the Californians, the New Englanders and I must do it with a smile. But I and many others cannot be a white Southerner.

Every cultural group with the exception of Southerners live, display, and honor their heritage. With the exception of a small group of persons usually with a military background who understands that soldier does what he have to and no matter whom he served he deserves our gratitude, respect and he should be honored. No when they enacted the Equal Rights bill it did not include Southerners or our ancestors.

There are these who have the need to demonize and discredit anything they don’t like with or understand. Was the War over Slavery? Yes and no, it was a part, not as much as many would have you believe but again more than others would have you think. The renowned Shelby Foote, stated after his appearance in Ken Burns “Civil War” that the producer manipulated and edited his statements to make it appear that he the leading authority on the war was saying the war was over slavery, when he and any reasonable scolder knew better.

Regardless of the reason why can’t we honor our ancestor, that 16 year old boy who marched until his feet bled while living off acorns. Because he marched under that flag. It is clear that groups have misused the Confederate flag, however look at the Klan they always carry the American flag too. In fact how many ships flying the Confederate flag ever carried a slave? Of course none, it was all done under the American flag

I had asked the builders of the Slavery Museum why the flag offended them the reply was it reminded them of slavery. When I asked just what the museum was suppose to remind them of, they became even more offended. I certainly had not meant to offend or be a smart aleck.

Just recently there was a drive to remove the names of Southerners from local school. besides the oblivious issue with costs why would anyone entertain the idea of allowing such an action in that it insults the past and these whose ancestors it represents along with it being someone who cannot defend themselves? If we have a street named for Reverend King then it should stay named for him not changed because of a person or group of person’s opinion.

The Confederate soldier fought for four long years against overwhelming odds during of brutal warfare seldom having enough to eat, a uniform to wear and even had to resort to havening to thrown rocks. They were and are admired they world over- except for here. I really should not expect more, Americans cannot understand why after a still clashing after a hundred years the Serbs and Muslins are still fight; why Turkey and Greece; the Irish and English and of course the Muslin world and Christian world have been at each others throats for 900 years. They remember the atrocities done to and to them their families.

The 1810, 1830 and 1850 census showed the South to be made up of roughly 50% Celtic, 30% English and the remaining 20% were German, French or Spanish. The Irish Potatoes famine of 1846-1850 killed a million plus Irishmen, the problem there was food but the British took it for themselves. Another good example of who has suffered under slavery. The real point the majority of English settled up North and continued to this day their opinion of superiority and want of control over our lot. If you don’t believe it just ask one of them. Recently a candidate for President again made fun of us. I will say he need not apologize to or for me I am proud to be a Southroner!

In this age of political correctness heroes are defiled and reputations ruined, Confederate soldiers are portrayed as rapist, murderers, traitors and cowards. However, did you know back then their enemies spoke of their valor, spirit and nobility. Keep in mind these boys and that is what they were boys were you’re great-great-great relatives they marched 40 miles a day and lived off peanuts and raw corn. They seldom were paid.

Senator Webb, God Bless You.