A thank you from "My People"

From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
To: vaproto@optonline.net

Lady Val,

I would personally like to thank you for voicing your thoughts regarding whether or not there was a planned genocide of the American Indian.

I fear that when it comes to " my people" supporters are few and far between, which is not only sad morally, but, considering there was so much support for the CSA from the American Indian, and since there are so many similarities between the Indian Cause and the Confederate Cause, it would seem the natural course would be support within the ranks.

Personally, I have called on a couple hundred Indian Brothers and Sisters, repeatedly in Southron issues, and they have always responded at first call.

There may not be enough "proof on paper" for some, but let me go on record, I have had enough lessons handed down orally within my own family to more than assure me that genocide was planned………..my own granddaddy told me of the oil boom in OK, in the years of 1904-05 when more than 1000 prostitutes with STD’s were imported to the oil patch and the areas around the rez, in yet one more attempt to rid the world of a portion of race of people thought expendable for profit……Things like these make me very angry, and very sad.

I thank you on behalf of "My People" for pointing out, that there is enough written history, to show that the US Government had, and truthfully still has no real love for her "first peoples".

With utmost respect and regard

T Warren, Kaw Osage mixblood
Member of 5 warrior societies
Heritage Officer Captain James Knox Camp 2022 Ga Div SCV