From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Thu, Jul 7, 2011
Subject: Thanks
To: "Marcotte, Bob" <>

Dear Commander Bob,

God bless you Sir, and thanks for you and the men of the Sul Ross Camp for consideration of support. Please give the men of the Camp my little brother and my sincere love and greetings.
I so want to make some kind of March back to Texas to not only commemorate the Historic March Across Dixie ten year anniversary, but also to raise funds for young Candice Hardwick, my own organization Southern Heritage 411, the SLRC,and the SCV National Heritage Defense Fund, and to ask those of Texas who publish so many books for our school children to right the misinformation and outright lies told in the books they publish about this epoch before during and after the War Between the States, especially about the exclusion of the place of honor earned by the Southern African people in support of General Lee’s army on and off the field of battle.
And I hope the message that I carry after ten years has passed, will uplift the spirits of my Southern family that has had to suffer at the cess pool of American life for far too long because those who the Honorable General Patrick Cleburne forewarned should win the War of Northern Aggression would poison the minds of this nation and the whole of the civilized world against the Southern people, and they have tried.
This very morning as I began my daily march with my flag in hand, I would be stopped by a group of tourists wanting to take pictures of and with me. Suddenly a young man would shout from his car, when is that war going to end down here for you’se? The tourists all looked at me in anticipation of  an answer for this young Yankee. Seeing that he might have some support from the crowd he stopped the car in the middle of the road.
I told him, son it’s not that hard for Southerners, but don’t you think that my Yankee friends have to concede that the South had a justifiable and legal right to secede because of the wrongs done to the South by the agents of the North. What about slavery, he asked? What about property was my reply. You Yankees stocked the South with African slaves, issued certificates of sale indicating that it was your property that you sold, and had the Constitution backing you up. Then claimed that you had some kind of religious revelation and invaded the South to free the Africans without offering to pay back the price you were paid for him.  And your President’s refusal to even talk about ending slavery with dignity for the African as put forward by the Southern leaders.
You’se just a stupid man, he exclaimed! You should take note from prominent African Americans like Julian Bond, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, or even our President Barack Obama, and get in line about removing that flag from the American landscape. I told him that I wasn’t going to jump President Obama or Al Sharpton because they were both Sons of Confederate Veterans, and that even though Mr. Obama had said he was walking in the shadow of the war crime President Lincoln, a very kind Yankee had reminded me that he was talking about surrendering the kind of resources that Lincoln had promised the South to rebuild herself from the illegal war he had forced upon her. And because of his courageous act to send a wreath to the Confederate Monument in Arlington on Confederate Memorial Day in lieu of the protests and threats of withholding of votes by the Black militants and Puritans that supported and urged them on.
His face redden and he told me in no uncertain terms to not only to go to hell, but that I was going to burn there. I told him that I had asked God to forgive me for my sins every day, but if God did not, I was sure I would be in the company of the likes of his heroes Sherman,Turchin, Grant, Thadeus Stevens, Beast Butler  ,Webster, Harriet Beecher Stowe and her daddy, as well as the other devils Lincoln and John Brown that they had martyred for crimes against the Southern people. He cranked up his car and peeled rubber in a Gia. I was impressed.  Again, God bless you.

Your brother,