From: rick.boswell@gmail.com
Reply to me from Texas Monthly:
Mr. Boswell,
While we strive to be as accurate and fair as possible, and have all articles are meticulously fact checked, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and we respect that. While we hate to lose your readership, I will accommodate your request to cancel.  The February issue will be the last issue you receive, and a pro-rated refund will be mailed to you.  Refunds generally take 4-6 weeks to process and deliver.
If I can be of further assistance, please let me know!
Dana M. Donalson
Consumer Marketing Assistant
Emmis Publishing
P: 512-320-6944 I F: 512-320-7323
PO Box 1569, Austin, TX 78767 I 701 Brazos, Ste. 1600, Austin, TX 78701

My parting shot, about which, as usual, I am dead serious:
Thanks.  You won’t miss me and my conservative Southern friends.  Your advertisers will, though.  We are writing Lucchese, where I happen to know a few folks, King Ranch, etc.
Yr. Obt. S’vnt,
Rick Boswell