Texas Battle over Historical Marker

From: gatorstick@tampabay.rr.com
To: hk.edgerton@gmail.com


A few thoughts. A well written letter needs distribution to be effective. This letter should be distributed to every newspaper & media outlet in Texas. When distributed, it should have a brief background of the issue. Within the brief, I would suggest you position yourself as speaking for the Black Texans resting in the soil that left home & family to defend the homefolks–a group that is well documented but now the PC wish to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST by WHITEWASHING their story along with all Texas history. As such, the story of all Texans should be honestly without prejudice presented. A little research could yield a list of Black Texans’ who served (pension records) and an additional marker should be installed along with this one vindicating that group of forgotten Vets. This could perk the interest by the news media as this could be positioned into a favorable racial issue that media seems to love to stir. (Abet a counter racial position than they prefer.)

I would ask the Texas division SCV to lead the way for distribution to media outlets via e-mail & calls. This could be delegated down from leadership to the camp level. I also believe Lt. Commander Barrow’s book "Black Confederates" should be often referenced and offered to be distributed to interested media outlets. Also, I would also copy every Veterans group in the state too and ask them to support Texas Vets that can’t speak for themselves as they hope future generations will stand & speak for them.

While this may not be the best or most advantageous positioning of the issue, like fishing, to get bites you need to utilize the right bait to perk the interest & draw strikes. Wrong bait, no fishfry. As Bedford Forrest utilized all available strategies to produce a rout of his opponents, so should we. Open public debate sure would be nice……

Just my 2 cents worth,

Happy hunting,

Phil Walters

Web Reference:   H.K.’s Response To Texas Legislators