Date: November 12, 2009

Don’t be so shy.  Tell us how you REALLY feel!!  😀
Well put sir!  I have been involving myself with the Tea Partiers (no jokes, please) because I see in that group a lot of people who have just awakened to some of the truth about what is going on.  Perhaps we even owe a slight slap of approval to Obama.  Were it not for his arrogance in believing he could do quickly what both the republicans AND the democrats have been trying to do slowly for the last several decades, these people would have never realized what was going on.  And I’m not yet convinced that it isn’t too late already.  But maybe–just maybe–if enough of them are upset enough and realize that they are about to go over a cliff into socialist slavery, maybe we can cause a revolution at the ballot box next year.  And if that doesn’t work a real one as Thomas Jefferson recommended.
The message I try to get across to the Tea Partiers is just what you’ve said: The republican party is NOT your friend.  They set up the ball that the democrats are now power driving.  And if you fall into the trap of expending all your efforts to put the GOP back in charge you will have just played their game and nothing will have changed.  There are not two parties.  There is ONE party with two PR departments.  The whole thing is a ruse to keep the "unwashed masses" occupied and out of the way so they can push forward their true agenda.  (Insert your favorite conspiracy theory here).
Johnny Reb