Teen Won’t Stop Wearing Confederate Flag Belt Buckle to School, Despite Suspension

By Michael Allen
Wed, December 04, 2013

Cody Long has been warned by Mason High School to stop wearing a Confederate flag belt buckle to school.

The teen started wearing the controversial belt buckle to the Mason, Ohio school after the friend, who gave it to him, died (video below).

“I don’t like to pick fights that much,” Long told Fox 19. “I am not one to start them, but I am one to finish it.”

Mason High School officials suspended Long over getting into a fight over the belt buckle, but his mother, Tammy Long, defended her son, “Just because you are offended by something, doesn’t meant you have to stop someone else from using it.”

“He won’t be ‘him’ if someone continues to tell us how to be and how to dress and how to act,” she added.

Mason High School officials said in a statement: We are committed to making sure that each one of our students feels safe and eager to come to school. For that reason, we have a code that outlines the way that students and staff should dress so that distractions are minimized and we have a positive learning environment.”

WEBN, in Cincinnati, asked on its Facebook page if the teen should be allowed to wear the belt buckle and most commenters were in support:

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