Technology and the Confederacy
Howdy and Happy New Year to the folks who read Southern Heritage News and Views.
Well, I am at it again.  The Rebel Mountain Story Teller, that’s me, is ready to get on the road and visit your camp, Round Table, or group to bring you stories of the South!  And my stories may not be ones you normally hear!
Just last week I travelled down to the Houston area to visit with a Round Table that has been very kind to me!  Previously I had done my one man, one act play: Southern Sons of Erin.  This is the story of the life of Richard O’Dowling, known better in the South as Dick Dowling.  This is a story of the Irish who fought in  Texas during the War for Southern Independence!  If you are not from Texas you may not know about the Battles of Galveston and Sabine Pass.  These are stories movies could be made about!
But my most recent tale is about Technology and the Confederacy!  This story is supported by a Power Point presentation.  It could be a one hour presentation, or it could be a whole day of classes about the South most don’t know about.  Imagine …the poor old Confederacy using the newest technologies, developing technologies and strategies to defeat the Yankees!  Might change some opinions about the South….a story worth hearing.
Folks, i have been telling these stories across the South, in every state but Missouri…(would love to get an invite from Missouri).  I will work with you on the fees.  I am not trying to get to rich.  Just trying not to go broke.
If you believe in the Cause.  If you are unreconstructed and want a speaker who is.  Why not get a hold of me.  You can email me at  Or you can call me at 903-725-3175.
I will have a new book out, my fifth, this fall …coming from Pelican Publishing!!!!  Its a children’s Christmas book…about the Confederacy!
So life is good here on Rebel Mountain in East Texas.  Would love to hear from you.
And if you haven’t gotten a copy of Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixins…forward by Donnie Kennedy….well give me a hollar. They are 15 dollars plus shipping.
God Bless the South,
Mark Vogl, The Rebel Mountain Story Teller