Teaching Our History

From: Nativelover222@aol.com

Chuck and Everyone

Thank to everyone who sent help and advice to me the other day. To all who don’t know what is going on in my life, I have talked to the Head Master at my daughter’s private school and he gave me permission to "teach" grades 7-12 during April, which as you all know is Confederate Heritage and History Month. I was so thrilled to get this chance because I feel that it is important to get to them young. If I can inspire just one to look things up and learn something new then I will be happy. I’m so sick of our kids being taught crap that I’m about to explode!! I got so much help, advice and just plain ol’ encouragement and I thank y’all from the bottom of my heart for it!! I’m so passionate about the South and our Heroes and I hope I can pass it on to these kids and give them a taste of the Pride I have for "our" country!! Everyone who sent me emails was so nice and so informative that some of y’all just blew me away!! With all the suggestions for books I’ll be reading till January at least but I appreciate all the help I can get!! Once again all, thanks so much for everything, y’all are the BEST!! God Bless the South!!