U.S. President A. Lincoln and the “Civil War”
From: davidsanders@thetruefaith.org

As a High School American History teacher here in Miami, FL, I teach the “Civil War” to my students (11th graders) why the proper name is the “War for Southern Independence.” They are also instructed that the war was NOT about slavery, but about states rights.

My students are taught that Robert E. Lee was against slavery and freed more slaves than Lincoln did with his Emancipation Proclamation, which was a political stunt and in reality freed no one.

The lessons also contain information on the blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Jews who bravely served in the Confederacy. Racism, in the form that we know it, was a consequence of Radical Reconstruction imposed by the yankee. Southern whites were denied the right to vote and hold public office. This was reserved for carpetbaggers, scalawags and even former slaves who could not even read or write! Some former slaves were encouraged to seek vengeance for slavery and attack any whites after the war, all enforced by occupying Union troops. One can plainly see it was a tool to ‘divide and conquer’ the South both politically and socially.

I was born and raised in California. I was educated by the liberal yankee system. Yet a few years ago, I began to research and came upon a wealth of info. I thank Almighty God for directing me to the Pop Aaron’s Southern American Website, Mike Crane’s Southern Party of Georgia, and Dr. Michael Hill’s League of the South.

Deo Vindice!

David Sanders
"The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."
– St. John 1:5

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