Teach Your Children Well
From: bjpershing@juno.com
Not being a member of the SCV, I would not presume to begin to suggest how they or any other organization ought to run their affairs.  However, I have often seen the complaint made that "our children" are being taught that our Southern ancestors were evil, vicious racists, etc., etc.  There is only one way to remedy this, I believe, and it is not by "taking over our schools," something impossible to do, because what the Federal government funds, the Federal government will control.  If you want your children to know the truth about the war, about the heroism of our Confederate forebears, then take on the task of educating them yourselves.  If you send them to public schools to be indoctrinated in the lies of the enemy, then don’t be surprised when they end up adopting the ideas of the enemy, and being ashamed of those ancestors of whom neither they nor we are worthy.
So, I would urge every Southerner and every Christian who cares for their heritage, and for the souls of their children, to do what my parents did, and what I, as an expectant father, plan to do: Homeschool your children.  Make the sacrifices to give them a good, and true education, and preserve them from the lies of our enemies.  "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it," Solomon once wrote.  On the flip side, let the wicked train up your children, and don’t be surprised when he adopts their ways.
Just a word of advice and encouragement, which I hope some might take to heart.  Deo Vindice,
Samuel Ashwood
Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma